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My name is Eamon Moore. I am the CEO of N-Tier Securities Development Studio...

Eamon Moore (Ireland), MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer;MCITP: Database Developer 30 Aug to 29 Sep 2010

My name is Eamon Moore. I am the CEO of N-Tier Securities Development Studio. My company is a software firm specializing in Securities Processing, Financial Messaging, Corporate Actions and Accounting. Our website is www.ntiersecurities.com.

In 2010 I decided I needed to reskill and retrain in 'best practices' for software development. Being a CEO means I am severely time constrained so I looked for a ‘boot camp’ approach to coincide with my restricted timescales.

All our clients have major offshore IT Departments and Development labs in India, most notably in Chennai. So I reckoned I needed to find my boot camp on this great continent. I came across KOENIG SOLUTIONS and I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of their website. It included all the details that I needed to know.

After an exchange of emails and follow-up calls I agreed two FAST TRACK developer courses for Microsoft’s MCITP Business Intelligence Developer and MCITP Database Developer, The costs included food, accommodation, transport to/from the training lab and collect/pickup at  New Delhi Airport. All I had to do was turn up.

KOENIG prides itself on its Customer Service and this ethos starts from the time you arrive at the airport to the time that you depart for home. I was greeted by their representative and whisked away to my Apartment accommodation. These apartments are dedicated to get you studying and keep it that way. Boot camp had started in earnest, The following day I was picked up by the KOENIG 'TAXI' along with 7 other students and arrived at KOENIG LABs to start my month-long study program.

KOENIG lecturers are dedicated and knowledgeable in their subject matter. It’s up to each student to work with their trainer to get the best value out of the Boot camp. The rapport with both trainers was fresh and invigorating, the learning was quick and sharp, and the exhaustion from long days and weeks studying was tough and hard.

Delhi and India offer fantastic sight-seeing but I had no time to indulge because I took the FAST TRACK option. [KOENIG offer longer training cycles as well]. Other students who did partake in the sight-seeing spoke of how well it was organized.

KOENIG provide other services such as Foreign Exchange services, local SIM card procurement [advisable] and access to medical centers. Nothing is left to chance and everything is set up for the student to maximize their learning and exam experience. However, it was all worth it as I attained my Microsoft certification. Along the way I met many students from a variety of countries and swapped many a story on development strategies, study tips and exam results.

Best of all for me was learning the ‘best practice methods’ for my particular disciplines and implementing them almost immediately when I returned to the office. The total cost of the training worked out at 50% less in expense terms than a European equivalent and 100% less in time consumed.

It’s a win-win for student and in this regard I intend returning for further IT training and certifications in technologies relevant to our business. In summary KOENIG promotes a quality image and service delivery to match. It is well worth training with them.

Eamon Moore
N-Tier Securities Development Studio
Dublin Ireland & New York USA
+ 35316746321, + 12126120520