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My preparations to travel to Koenig-Solutions in New Delhi for MCTS certification courses began last year...

Don Mikler (United Kingdom), MCTS .NET Framework 2.0 Web App.;MCTS: SQL Server 2005 07 Jan to 01 Feb 2008

My preparations to travel to Koenig-Solutions in New Delhi for MCTS certification courses began last year. Mind you, I live in Microsoft country. Home of some of the best and most expensive training schools are located here in Washington State. So why did I travel half way around the world for training? I tried a few online and self-paced training classes, but I didn't pass my exams and I was determined to finish what I stated. I also recently spent $900 dollars for a 3 day class, you do the math. My expectancy theory was that I would increase my knowledge by using the ‘Official Microsoft Curriculum' and leverage my trainer to close a few more skill gaps and return home with two MCTS certifications.

Arriving in Delhi - my first impression was, why the airport so dusty? True, the airport is under construction, but so is the whole city. Come to find out that 2010 Common Wealth games are being held in New Delhi in 2010. Every where you turn there are piles of dusty ruble from the rebuilding effort. My urgent need of the moment was to find my driver and get to the hotel. That was quite easy, Koenig had everything pre-arranged. The next morning, relieved and rested, I was invited to do a little sightseeing and was escorted by a local from the Kingston Hotel. He acquainted me with the local area and acted as an interceptor for this newbie tourist. The metro is new and modern and the little autos and rickshaws are a kick to ride in. You have to accept the chaos on the roads and no words can describe it, you'll see for yourself. I didn't see any auto accidents but was involved with a minor mishap. Arriving back at the hotel in the Koenig taxi after school, a new student was talking to me, not realizing we were on a very busy street, he opened the car door right into the path of an oncoming scooter. Fortunately, no one was injured and a lesson to pay attention and look over your shoulder was learned.

I unpacked, settled down and prepared for a long stay. I was enrolled for 8 courses and 3 exams in 25 days. The first day of class through the last one went extremely well. The Koenig staff were all wonderful, I repeat simply marvelous. My trainers really surprised me by how well they spoke English. They also and had a strong command of .NET Web Applications, the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2005. The workstations were well used and freshly imaged for each course. I'd recommend bringing an external hard drive to store all your labs, virtual machines and code in one location.

Lunch was custom ordered everyday, and meticulously organized. The lunchroom was a full of students from around the world and it was a good break; however the lectures and labs relentlessly continued 6 days a week. I also put in additional hours studying each evening and was rewarded at the end of the course with a passing exam score. Dinner was either room service or a short walk to a local restaurant. I suggest you talk to a few of the students in the hotel and you'll be on your way to mapping out your own routine. I would recommend bringing an electric kettle to boil water in your room if you like tea, hot chocolate, or coffee at all hours. My room service bill was 30 dollars and that included some laundry. I kept abreast of current events with a good internet connection, newspapers and cable television. The Kingston Hotel is on a busy street and is a surprisingly noisy. The staff is well meaning and really tries hard to please. Tip: If you need something, just ask concierge people from Koenig, a truly amazing concierge and I'll guarantee they will get it done! All in all, this has been a once in a lifetime venture into educational tourism. Yes, it is a boot-camp, but if you buckle down and do the work, you'll be rewarded with passing scores and return home a certified professional in your field.