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I was hired by a new company to for fill a function (developer) i always wanted to for fill...

Doenja Bobbeldijk (Netherlands), Oracle9i Forms Developer (OCA & OCP) 17 Sep to 09 Oct 2007

I was hired by a new company to for fill a function (developer) i always wanted to for fill.

When they told me i had to go to India to upgrade my skills i was a bit shocked. Later i realised that it was a once in a lifetime change. So i had to do the Oracle course to become Oracle Certified Professional Developer. A lot of people told me that with my lack of experience you could never get your OCP in 4 weeks. I was not impressed and went for it anyway.

To see some of India as well i decided to go a week early. I went to the South of India and let Koenig arrange everything. Well they did a perfect job ! Everything went as planned and told. After that week i had to go to the North of India (Shimla) to study hard and get my OCP. When i just arrived in Shimla i got bad news from home.

When i left home we just heard that my stepfather was very ill (cancer) but they wanted to give him chemo so he could last for a few months. To bad the fist chemo had a bad effect on his system and he got worse. He told me to just finish my exams as planned and he tried to get a little better. So he did not want me to get home for him .As promised i started my course and also because of the real good trainer I finished my first exam with 100 %. All other students were real nice and thought full. I the news from home was bad they always asked me to come and have diner or a drink at a bar.

The next week and another exam, this time only 97 % but that was because of my own stupid rushing. My trainer and the rest of the Koenig staff kept a eye on my mental health to see if i could keep up the spirit. That really helped i felt a good support and because of the Internet connection in the hotel i had the change to speak to my family everyday through Skype.

The third week my stepfather was near death and they phoned me to come home. But because i promised him to finish the course and i almost did i decided to do the last but also most difficult module a bit faster. That meant that i wanted to do my exam on a Sunday. Koenig was so kind to arrange this in this rare situation. I could do my last exam 3 days earlier. And again thanks to my trainer and my own spirit (now i know i do best with pressure ) i finished the last exam with 100 %. After that Koenig arranged a cab to get me to the airport as soon as possible. My insurance arranged an early flight back home.

Unfortunately he died a day before i arrived, i was told when i arrived at the airport in the Netherlands, but he died after i finished my last exam. So he knew.... I want to thank Koenig for all the flexibility and if i have to recommend Koenig I will ! Just read this story and you know that even in hard circumstances you will be supported by Koenig. So that's more then you pay for....

Thanks for all the support Koenig and specially to the trainer for the good teaching. Know i am waiting to get a good assignment from my company but with all the knowledge i have now that should not be to hard.