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Hi, my name is Djalel Serradji, I’m from Algeria...

Djalel Serradji (Algeria), SCJP & SCBCD;SCJP & SCDJWS 02 Jan to 30 Jan 2007

Hi, my name is Djalel Serradji, I’m from Algeria. I’ve worked as JAVA/J2EE developer for Telecommunication companies. I’m practicing Java since 2003.

How I discovered Koenig Solutions:

As my last contract was going to finish I started looking for new offers and I felt the need for certifications as a proof of my knowledge for future employers.

I started looking for J2EE certifications in European countries but found that the cost was excessively high, I was really disappointed till I saw once a banner on a IT website saying “IT Certification at 50% cost”, I thought it was just another add for certification with hidden costs that will make it as expensive as the others. Usually I never click on banners but that day I just clicked, saying to my self “you have nothing to loose!”

That’s how I landed on www.koenig-solutions.com.

The J2EE grouped certification was just what I was looking for and the price was also very attractive. I asked for a brochure and I get it by mail one week after, than I took the online test to determine which course speed to take (the fast track in my case). I also searched on the internet for comments from previous students and they where positive at 99%.

Planning the trip:

I started having email exchange with Koenig which was giving me response to all my enquiries (hotel accommodation, courses location, booking for a trip to Taj Mahal…) within 24 hours. So it took me about 2 weeks to send the deposit, apply for a visa, book the flight tickets and the journey began.

Arrival at Delhi airport:

I arrived at Delhi airport, I was little bit worried because at the meeting point nobody was waiting for me and I didn’t knew the name of the Hotel I was going to, but finally after 30 minutes the cab driver appeared, he was late because of traffic Jam. He was holding an envelope for me with inside an amount of money, the ticket for the Agra tour, the train ticket to go to Shimla and some useful information about the courses and tourist places.

Rangoli park hotel:

I spent three days in Delhi before going to Shimla in Rangoli Park Hotel, it’s a budget hotel with a 4 star facilities! The room was clean, the service very good, the stuff very helpful and what I appreciated the most is the free internet connection. The place is relatively quiet comparing to the streets of Delhi and just in front of the Hotel there’s a small park where you can relax while studying.

Delhi :

The first impression I had of Delhi is an over crowded and polluted city, the traffic is a amazingly chaotic for someone who is not used to it. I can’t say more because I spent only 3 days there but I’m planning to go back after finishing my course in Shimla and I will take a tour of Delhi, I’m sure that behind my first negative (but curious) impression there are many interesting places to see.

Agra : Red Fort, Taj-Mahal and Lord Krishna birth place:

The trip (by bus) to Agra starts early in the morning at 6am, it will take around 16 to 18 hours to go back to Delhi. The first destination is the Agra Fort, very impressive and very beautiful by its red colour outside, and all the gardens and marvel chambers inside. After launch we went to the Taj-Mahal. An amazing peace of art, this destination alone worth the travel to India. In the way back to Delhi we stopped at the Lord Krishna birth Place, it’s the birth place of one of the Hindu religion gods called Krishna. Very beautiful and interesting where you can discover some of the Hindu religion practices.

Delhi to Shimla by Kalka:

You can go to Shimla either by train, bus or aircraft (not reliable). I choose the train to have a nice view on the country side and the Himalaya Mountains. The train stops at Kalka at around 12:30, you have to take another train to reach Shimla, the second train is call “toy train” and it really looks like a toy train, tiny wagons and low speed. But it’s very pleasant and you will have a magnificent view on the mountains surrounding you. The train stops for few minutes every 1 hour to let you relax and have some tea or some food at the train stations.


The train arrived at Shimla 3 hours later than expected but the cab driver from Koenig was waiting for me. Shimla is a nice town where you can find lot of old British style buildings, it’s much more quiet than Delhi. It’s a very good place for studying.

Eve Hotel :

My impressions are the same as Rangoli Park Hotel in Delhi, clean rooms, good service and friendly and helpful stuff.

Koenig center, stuff and tutors:

The center is at about 15 minutes by cab from the Hotel. You can take the cab but you can also take a walk, it will take you about 40 minutes but it’s the best way to walk on Shimla streets, to see the nature and to enhance the physical condition! My two tutors where very aware of the course, they helped me a lot preparing the exams and we had some interesting extra conversations on the Indian culture and history too. The stuff also is very kind and helpful; they will help you for whatever you ask.

IT Books:

India is heaven for those who want to purchase IT books, the prices are very cheap comparing to Europe, one thing can refrain you from buying tens of books is the baggage excess !

Great experience:

I’m going back home in 5 days and I can say that this travel was a great experience for me; professionally I almost achieved my goal by having the certifications I was looking for (3 at this moment, the 4 th in 3 days) but also a huge quantity of knowledge, and personally because I have learned a lot about the Indian culture and met very friendly and interesting people.

Finally I will say that if I have to make other certifications, Koenig Solutions will be for sure the first choice to consider.