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I have completed MCSE tanning with Koenig and gain MCSE 2003 and MCTS...

Devapriya Liyanage (Maldives), MCSA 2003 03 Nov to 26 Nov 2008

I have completed MCSE tanning with Koenig and gain MCSE 2003 and MCTS.

After working in the IT Industry for a reasonable time I was trying to get my certification during my vacations. But as the training taking a considerable time I had to postpone. So then I heard about KOENIG from a work colleague of mine whom participated for the MCSE training with KOENIG. I sent an email query to Koenig and next day I received a comprehensive detailed email. But afterwards I had thousand of questions/clarification and all were answered very clearly. While things are going on like this one of another friend also told me that he also would like to follow the MCSE Training at the same time. So I wrote back to Koenig and they replayed to him and he also enrolled.

WFinally we arrived Delhi, after the customs clearance when we came out from the airport Koenig representative was there to welcome us and took us to the hotel. Before he leaves after wishing good night he mentioned that he will be coming to pick us up at 4:30 AM and kindly request us to be ready by at that time. Next morning he was at the hotel sharp at 4.30 AM and takes us to the Train station to go to KALKA. Train left at 5.55 AM and reached KALKA at 11.30 AM. It was a fascinating journey. Then Koenig has had arranged for us a car up to Shimla. Within 2.5 Hours time we reached Shimla going the all the way through the mountains and valleys. Then we checked in to the Willow bank Hotel which is very nice one. After being in the willow bank and seen some other hotel I would recommend willow bank for anyone who goes to Shimla training canter.

Then we started our training and Shamsher Dullet who was our trainer was so friendly and had a very good enthusiasm towards teaching. He was so knowledgeable and never took us rounds and rounds when we asked a question. The fast track courses are very intense, so be prepared to be busy both during the day and in the evenings.

Apart from learning everything like our transport, Lunch arrangements, Drinking water, Doctors etc.. was perfectly arranged and very well planned. All the team members are very professional in their particular area and even they go out of the ways to help you out if you have any concerns. And they do not expect anything from you for their outstanding services.

As I planned to have a vacation in India after completing my training, I informed training Centre Manager Praveen about my requirements. He was very happily arranged everything including Hiring a Cab , Hotel booking and etc.. He made it a hassle free one.

Finally I would like to conclude by recommending Koenig training centre’s for anyone who is in very busy schedules and looking for hassle free Knowledge and certifications with minimal time period.