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My name is David Nolan. I recently decided that I needed a change of career and wanted to become more involved with computers...

David Nolan (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003;A+;Network+ 04 Sep to 03 Nov 2008

My name is David Nolan. I recently decided that I needed a change of career and wanted to become more involved with computers. I had completed a HNC computer course many years ago but felt that I had forgotten most of what I was taught. After deciding to do an MCSE course I did some research on the internet and was impressed with what Koenig was offering, it was right price and also because the course was in India I could have a little adventure as well!

My journey over to India went smoothly. I arrived in Delhi and was met at the airport and taken to an apartment to stay for a few hours, I was then taken to catch the train to Shimla. It took twelve hours to get to there and I had to change trains once but I had no problems. The guys at Koenig made sure I arrived safely, and that I settled in. If I was not happy with anything and it was possible for them to do so, they put it right

I decided to add the A+ and N+ to the beginning of the course just to get myself back into the swing of learning. I was glad that I had because the course was very intense. My trainer was a first class trainer. Stayed with me from day one until I left two months later. We became very close friends. He knew when my brain was over loaded so we would stop and go for coffee. I struggled at times because of the amount of information I had to take in, but he always made sure that I understood, and we always got there in the end even if it meant him giving up his own time to make sure that I understood.

I made friends with many of the other trainers out in the Shimla centre and they also have become good friends. Everyone there made me so welcome and despite it being hard on times I had the best time and it was worth every penny. I stayed in the apartments which I found convenient and great for meeting the other students. I found having a balance was essential. It was impossible to study all of the time so in the evenings I would go out and play snooker and pool and have beer with the other students. On a Sunday I went out sightseeing in the Himalayas, and had an amazing time.

I am hoping to go back to complete another course in the near future and would just like to thank all at the Koenig centre for an amazing experience.