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Hi,My name is David Holmes; I’m 25 and work as a support engineer at a large independent school in the midlands, UK...

David J Holmes (United Kingdom), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA);Security+ 10 Jul to 22 Jul 2006


My name is David Holmes; I’m 25 and work as a support engineer at a large independent school in the midlands, UK. Having completed a degree 3 years ago I felt it was time to prove my skills by getting some certifications.

I first read about Koenig when looking on the Internet for courses related to CCNA. I liked the idea of combining my study while staying in an exotic location. Looking further Koenig appeared to offer a complete service including accommodation and meals, and all for a price that was far cheaper than anywhere else I had found. Obviously an element of doubt began to creep into my mind – it all seemed too good to be true. After many emails and questions, which got answered very quickly and thoroughly, I finally decided to take the plunge and booked my course and flights out to Goa. It all happened very quickly, I booked my course on the Wednesday, flights on the Thursday and was flying to India on Saturday.After an interesting’ transfer in Mumbai I arrived at Goa airport bleary eyed to meet my driver who recognised me from the photo I had sent. I soon wide-awake as we headed towards the hotel I was at for the duration of my stay. Driving in India is an art form – I’m certainly cured of being a nervous passenger after the many trips I took during my time there. It’s not so much the speed, but more the appearance of total chaos at roundabouts and junctions, I think they work on the bases of the person with the biggest car or the loudest horn has right of way!! Once at the hotel and checked in I was able to relax and get some sleep ready for Monday morning.

On my first day at Koenig the staff could not have made me feel more welcome. I was picked up from the hotel at 8:45 and taken to the training centre where I met center manager. She introduced me to key staff members and showed me to the lab where I met my first instructor. He was both very knowledgeable and very friendly which I think helped me a great deal settle in and prepare successfully for my first exam 4 days later. My second exam was for CCNA - I had a new instructor who also proved to be very friendly and knowledgeable. He taught over and above what was required for the exam, which made other concepts easier to grasp. All the staff at Koenig were always happy to help, whatever your question or request they would go out of their way to get things done. The learning environment was ideal and there always seemed to be a good balance between theory and practical to keep things interesting.

While I was there I hired a sim card for my mobile phone. I used this, along with the Internet to keep in touch with my friends and family. I could freely use the Internet at the centre during the day, and in the evening the hotel had broadband for around 35p an hour. The hotel was around 10 minutes drive from Koenig and in a good location by the sea. The staff was friendly and always happy to help, the food was good and could be bought up to your room if required.

I would strongly recommend Koenig to anybody who wants to get certified. There is no doubt that you have to go with the right mental attitude to work very hard during your stay, but the results are well worth it. My only regret is that I was not able to stay out there longer. I made some new friends and met many friendly people. I plan to stay in touch from time to time and will be out there again in the near future. Special thanks to all at Goa, keep up the good work!