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I arrived in Delhi, at 7:30AM on 1st of February, and met at the airport, from where I was taken to my hotel...

David Cooper (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 07 Feb to 02 Mar 2006

I arrived in Delhi, at 7:30AM on 1st of February, and met at the airport, from where I was taken to my hotel, for one night, where after catching a quick nap, I decided to phone the Delhi center, and arranged to be picked up, so that I could just have a look. Anyway there they made me feel very welcome, and provided me with a meal, before I decided to head back to the Hotel. The next morning I was picked up and taken to the Bus Station, where somebody waited with me, until the Bus came, then made sure I was in the right seat, before he left.

On arriving Shimla, I met Govind, who took me to the Silverine, where I was to stay for five weeks, (my plans changed at the end of my course), I spent the next few days looking at the sights of Shimla, and also did an excursion, to Tattapani, to visit the Hot Sulphur Springs, which was sorted out by Deepa. Found some of the local watering holes, Goofas, Devicos and the Willow Banks Hotel.

I then started my training on 7th February, my trainer was very helpful, and passed my first exam (Four to go) I already had two before I left. After that my trainer was changed, My second trainer took time to cover things that were not even on the Curriculum, but would be useful to know. I had to work very hard, to get the exams, but help was always there when needed. After 25 days I have my MCSE, and it all seems worthwhile. And today I told Deepa I was thinking of going to Goa , she helped to sort out the transport, the hotel and everything, I did the flight. She'd already sorted my travel to Delhi for the 7 th March, and a couple of trips beside for before I left, but was very happy to help.

I would recommend Koenig to anyone, who would like to do similar training in the UK. I also cannot emphasize enough how helpful everyone was. So now I'm off to Goa, to reward myself, for 25 days hard work.