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Since my first day coming to Delhi I have been taken in charge by the Koenig authority...

Crispin Nsavula (Congo), A+ (2009);Network+;Security+ 17 Aug to 02 Sep 2010

Since my first day coming to Delhi I have been taken in charge by the Koenig authority. I was first impressed by the way everything is organized from the airport pick up to the Hotel. I wanted to stay at Koenig Student Apartment but by the lack of places, the Koenig authority preferred not disappointing me they paid for themselves a hotel during all my stay. Koenig INN is one of the good hotels with a very kind staff.

The CompTIA training was very good and I can assure everyone who want to be certified by any of CompTIA IT courses don't hesitate to choose Koenig Solutions. Myself I did not this center, but by looking for through Internet I found Koenig. Everything was done by mail, every time there was a misunderstanding problem; the Pre-sales assistant was calling to clarify the problem. Really I feel like at home. There is a very good staff at Koenig Center, they assist you in all necessity for your IT training, I congratulate all of them, Hema, Manisha, Gaurav and Mukesh.

Koenig has qualified and certified trainers, in the three CompTIA IT courses – A+, Network+, Security+ I booked for I was astonished by the facility and competencies of the trainers. Really in the coming years I will not doubt to come again at Koenig for further training. I appreciate a lot the Indian foods; the population is so kind to the foreigners.