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I arrived in Mumbai on the 25th of November. The plan had been to take the first available train from Mumbai to Goa...

Christopher Arinze Ifekandu (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 04 Sep to 03 Nov 2008

I arrived in Mumbai on the 25th of November. The plan had been to take the first available train from Mumbai to Goa. Though this trip was primarily to update my knowledge and gain certification as a Windows 2003 MCSE, I also wanted to soak in a bit of Indian culture which was why I chose to travel by train. Unfortunately I had missed the last available seat on the 25th, I caught the train on the 26th of November on an 11 hour journey through beautiful landscapes, quite a few villages and the constant stream of deities and temples along the way, this was truly what I had come to enjoy about India, steeped in culture.

Prior to leaving Mumbai I had communicated my changed itinerary to the Office Manager at Koenig-solutions, she assured me all is on hand for a driver to meet me at Margoa train station, which is a 45 minute drive to my destination Panjim. Towards the end of my journey I started to receive a flurry of text messages from friends and family, unbeknown to us the sorry news of the Mumbai 26/11 was being beamed around the world.

I finally made it to Margao just before midnight, and just waiting outside the gates with a placard for me was the driver had promised will be meeting me. An air conditioned car and I settled in to a 45 minute ride to Panjim. As we made small talk along the way back to Panjim, I noted the depth of their hospitality, every town we went past they gave me a synopsis of it's makeup, though I could barely recount what they were, it showed how much they cared for their region but more importantly they wanted to imbibe me in it so I don't feel like the foreigner I am. That has been my singular experience here in Goa, from the hotel staff through to all the trainers and support staff I met at Koenig.

My trainer bent over backwards to accommodate my training needs, she knew her stuff and had a knack that all trainers should which is to be on message at all times. I thoroughly enjoyed taking her class, when I felt I may have over extended myself with the pace of the fast track program, she was on hand, liaising and other trainers to accommodate my needs. She not only continued to encourage dialogue throughout the course content, but also ensured I gained what is required in every element of the course content. I remain grateful to her commitment to me throughout my course

The Koenig Staff, the office administrator always had a welcome smile and an open door policy to discuss anything, from finding a gym and any issues associated with your training and stay in Goa. They always delivered a first class service and ensured your training needs are adequately met.

I have enjoyed my time here and I sure will be back.