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As already in 2007 in Koenig Goa, I did my first boot-camp to get MCSE and CEH training certification...

Christian Blankenhorn (Germany), MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010;MCTS: System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Configuring 04 Apr to 23 Apr 2011

As already in 2007 in Koenig Goa, I did my first boot-camp to get MCSE and CEH training certification.

I came to Koenig Solutions, Shimla in 2011 for the following Microsoft Courses:

And I was again really impressed how accurate the organizations of the courses are. Every single detail was covered by the local manager/local organization responsibilities starting from airport until back to airport. This is really cool and comfortable.

Also the trainers’ skills (this time I had 4 of them) are really impressive. One of them was even beyond "impressive" - listen to him was like an exceptional experience. He explained the appropriate topics (which were relatively new to me) in a way that I just understood the underlying architectures and concepts in shortest possible time. He was also very sensitive and he even knew when I needed a coffee break. The mixture between high professionality and having a coffee break at the right times enabled me to take the maximum of information in shortest possible time.

I plan to get back to Koenig-Solutions in future. But next time I might go for Koenig Solutions, Dubai or I will invite one of the trainers to Europe or South-America.

One tip (only valid for Shimla):

The 5-star Hotel Oberoi Cecil is not really necessary. It is a nice hotel in British colonial style but it is waste of money. The same (and even better) you can get in Combermere (4-star). Further, the Oberoi is too far away from Mall-Road and the school which makes the stay not really more comfortable. And ‘’privacy’‘is almost NULL in Oberoi - because any single staff (and they have a lot of staff) says “hello” and “how-are-you”. Walking 5 floors could mean that you got up to 20-times “hello” including at least twice or more small-talk-trials each with the same introduction word-by-word. In a backpackers-area this is cool to exchange experience but in Oberoi…
Christian Blankenhorn.