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The training at Koening is good. The care and attention you recieve is top quality...

Chris Lawrence (United Kingdom), MCSA 2003 24 Aug to 18 Oct 2007

The training at Koening is good. The care and attention you recieve is top quality. Everyone does their utmost to ensure that you are happy, and you get what you want (For a price!).

The class rooms are clean, and well kept.  The material was covered well, and the instructors are incredibly knowledgable in their subjects.  The cab rides to and from the hotel are always on time, and the drivers are simply great. Examinations are set in a pleasant enviroment, with an even more pleasant Exam Instructor aiding your exam process. Very nice and well worth the trip out. Well;  Delhi is quite the assualt on the senses.  The traffic and driving is insanely manic, yet somehow, after the initial terror subsides; is actually quite safe.

The noise of the place is incredible.  The horns of the cars/bicycles/Auto-rickshaws/trucks wakes you up in the morning.  The sounds of the man riding around on a bike selling (?) at the top of his lungs accompanies your studies and the barking of dogs lulls you to sleep at night.

The hotel where I was staying was a reasonable budget hotel. I had no issues with the staff, or possesion saftey.  The only thing to comment upon was the building work in the hotel which is possibly inherent in Delhi.

The food at lunch was good.  Koenig has a good selection of lunch time food.  Dinner time you are left to do your own thing.  Which consists of the following options (at least within walking distance of the hotel)
Good Pizza.
Good Curry
Mediocre Chinese
Bad Curry
Awful Chinese

For decent food go to the 5 Star.  Also go there for a lighter wallet.  If you feel brave, try the street food. 
Chris Lawrence