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My background is Sotware Engineer, but a while ago I decided to learn Oracle...

Chandrakant Patel (United Kingdom), Oracle10g DBA OCA & OCP 13 Dec to 19 Dec 2008

My background is Sotware Engineer, but a while ago I decided to learn Oracle. I passed my 10g OCA exam through self-training and found that in order to complete my OCP, I had to complete a mandatory 5 day hands-on course. I looked for these courses in the UK, but found them to be quite highly priced.

Through Google, I found Koenig and found that it worked out much better value to fly out to India to do my course. Not only could I complete the mandatory hands-on course, but I also got the course material, one exam sitting, apartment, and meals included, which was a lot less than doing it in the UK!, Basically I had no additional expense once I reached Dehradun.

I found Dehradun to be a nice place to study, as it’s a quite place with not much going on near the apartment and training centre. I arrived in December 2008, and was a surprised to find it colder than I had expected. But we were supplied with heaters upon request, so that took care of that.

The training centre is a new building, so it was nice and clean, with good facilities and classrooms. I booked for the custom boot camp, due to my schedule, so I had one-on-one training. My trainer who was very knowledgeable on the subject, and was very accommodating as to my learning requirements. I’m sure all the trainers are good, but I would highly recommend my Trainer to any Oracle students.

My schedule was very tight, and I only had 6 days in Dehradun to complete my OCP course and exam. The great news is that I passed my exam with flying colours!

It was also really good to meet other students doing different courses, and I met some great people with who I’ll be staying in touch with. Some of the guys were planning to go up to Mussoorie on Sunday (day off), which I would have loved to have done, but couldn’t because of having my train and flight tickets booked to leave straight after my course. They say you can see the Himalayas from there, which you should do if you come this far!

Overall, it’s been a great experience; I met some good people and achieved my objectives of completing my hands-on course and passing my Oracle 10g OCP exam!!!

All the best to whoever decides to take the step and do the same.

Chandrakant Patel