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Hello,I live in London, and I have been working in IT almost seven years...

Cem Dogan (United Kingdom), Oracle9i DBA OCA;Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 19 Feb to 28 Mar 2007


I live in London, and I have been working in IT almost seven years. I have definitely got the benefits of been in India and training with Koenig.

Why did I go to India and training with Koenig three times ?

Yes, I have been training with Koenig since 2005 and keep coming 2006 and 2007. It’s wonderful experience. I will definitely come again as soon as I have demands to learn more.

As a contractor I need sharpen my skills very often so Koenig and India is excellent opportunity to catch. First of all, much cheaper training then UK or any other EU countries, plus much better training and more care and time allocated per student in Koenig. If you put a lot you gain a lot!! which is what you get from Koenig Training, sometimes you have to study round to clock. It’s not easy but don’t forget NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Ready to study hard..

The courses are intense as the workload is very high and nearly all evenings was consumed with study and revision, of course after I had wonderful meals in Clay Owen and few Kingfisher. I love Indian food and I had no problem during my 3 visits to India. So I don’t know the mean of “Delhi Belly”!!!

Delhi is incredible, polluted and noisy but never mind because it’s different and I have never expected better than that so never got a surprised.. Indian people are very friendly and easy to communicate. While you are in Delhi you must go and see Karol Bagh market and Chandani Chowk market.

I thank Koenig to give me an opportunity to tell my experience and of course brilliant trainings I have received last 3 years.

I also thank my teachers in Koenig, they were all nice and very polite. It was wonderful and valuable time for me. I have Citrix, MCSE, ORACLE, CEH and CHECKPOINT skills and certifications that gave me fantastic career in IT.

Well-done Koenig, hope to join you again soon.