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It was the end of June, when I approached a work colleague that was going to have training in India...

Carlos Miguel Nogueira (Portugal), Oracle 11g: Advance PL/SQL Developer OCP 02 Aug to 16 Aug 2010

It was the end of June, when I approached a work colleague that was going to have training in India. I asked : "Why India? Don't we have good training here in Portugal? Why bother crossing half of the world just to get some training and a certificate?" He promptly replied: "Well , you have to consider two things : training quality and training price! I can assure you, you won't find no better place to do it, than there !!"

After a couple of days browsing the web for Oracle Universities, (I intended to become Oracle Certified Professional) I come to the conclusion that he was right!!  So in less than three weeks I had to do it all : flight planning, course planning, gather the passport, gather the visa ...etc. Koenig Customer Care Executive was very helpful and made everything possible in a very short time ! I had already been warned about the cultural shock I would have when arriving in Delhi, but still it happened!

After an almost sleepless first night, I find myself exhausted and finally rested my mind and body at Koenig Inn.  On my first day I meet, my teacher. She was very nice, competent, helpful and gave me an excellent insight not only in my first Oracle course module (SQL Fundamentals) but also a brief introduction to Hindi eating habits. If you love spicy and vegetarian food , India is the place to go ! Personally i love spicy food. I didn't know I would like vegetarian food, but in India, I could become a vegetarian person! For sure! After my first week, unfortunately my first trainer was to go, so I changed teacher and meet my second trainer. Besides being a great skillful teacher, he is also the type of guy that everybody would like to have as college workmate. He will push you forward! He made me realize that becoming an Oracle Profissional, I should improve myself every time and change my mindset from "what maybe correct" to "this is what I’m sure will work".

I admit I'm not an easy student, as I question my teachers a lot. But both my trainers always delivered! My week with my seconf trainer was an extra difficulty for him, as he come to me when he was about to go on leave to become a father! It was hard for him, but he managed it, and eventually become a father on my course last days. He actually got the phone call when he was explaining something about LOBs !!!

Oracle OCA&OCP 11g training is hard and we could use some extra time, but still, I learned lot, made some new friends from all around the world, and got my certificates as expected. So overall i recommend this training and Koenig as a training center. In a near future I’ll try to come back for Oracle DBA training.

Oh by the way, if you can, set also some days apart from the course to visit India. They have marvelous places to visit here, and getting knowledge, certifications, and a cultural immersion will certainly make for a wonderful time. My last advice, don't go to Delhi if you don't like big crowded cities. Try Shimla instead. Or if you prefer the beaches, have a look at Goa. There's a lot of interesting beaches and Portuguese heritage to be discovered in Goa.

I will finish my story with a BIG thanks to all people that made my stay in Delhi enjoyable.