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Hi My name is Bill Matters. I live in Albany, New York, with my wife and son...

Bill Matters (United Kingdom), MCSD (VB .NET) & MCDBA 2003 12 Jan to 31 Mar 2004


My name is Bill Matters. I live in Albany, New York, with my wife and son. I have worked in numerous commercial and government environments since completing a BSCS in 1992. I have lived and worked in California, Georgia, Florida and New York while building a career that I absolutely love.

What Am I Doing Here?

I came to Koenig to get affordable, high-quality training. I also wanted certifications, of course, but the training was foremost on my list of goals: I wanted to ensure that two and a half years of home-study on NET didn't leave any "gaps." After first contacting Koenig in June, 2003, I spent months scouring the Internet for competitive training opportunities. By December, I wired a deposit to Koenig and bought my plane tickets. Besides the other reasons for selecting Koenig, I loved their "1-on-1" training option. This is a no-brainer!

The Center, the People and the Tutors!

The training center had everything I needed to prepare for the exams. As with any educational environment, a student will only get out of it what he is willing to put into it. I put a lot into it, I got a lot out of it, and Koenig provided the resources I needed to go over the top.

The people there are terrific, too. I found that in the Indian culture, one of their highest values is to always give the other person respect. I found that both within the school and outside of it. Their warmth is genuine and, if there is ever a problem, a student can expect several people to promptly get involved to solve it.

The tutors were everything I expected, too. My tutor is a "walking encyclopedia" on the MCDBA and MCSE tracks, and he played a crucial role in helping me obtain my MCDBA certification. My second tutor, a born leader, is another "walking encyclopedia", but her specialty is in the solutions development side. She is fluent in both C# and VB.NET and her contributions were absolutely essential to helping me walk out of Koenig with the MCSD .NET (both C# and VB) certifications.

Delhi Life

While I studied mostly around the clock, I did get several (brief) opportunities to see Delhi a little bit. There are markets galore and astonishing historical points of interest stretching back well over a thousand years. If you have the time, a trip to Agra to see the Red Fort there and the Taj Mahal will give you a lifetime of priceless memories.

If it is night life that you like, there are numerous hotels and dance places around Delhi. Isha is the "Hospitality Queen" at Koenig, and she can help you obtain directions and transportation. In addition, Koenig periodically throws parties to keep things a bit lively.

Hotel Accommodations

I stayed for three months at the Hotel Rangoli. This is a great hotel with a great staff. Their service is better than any I have received in the United States and they keep the place very, very clean. I plan to stay there again on my next trip.

I came to get training and certifications. I listened to the tutors and studied the materials. I achieved my goals.

Thank you, Koenig!!!