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I am Bethuel M. Samuel from Angola. I was told about Koenig by a friend of mine...

Bethuel M Samuel (Angola), A+ (2009);Network+;MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Windows Server 2008;CCNA (2-takes) 21 Dec to 26 Jan 2012

I am Bethuel M. Samuel from Angola. I was told about Koenig by a friend of mine. I went through Koenig-Solutions website and quickly found the courses I needed to do (A+, N+, MCITP EA and Cisco CCNA certifications) for my future career as an Server/Network Administrator which is a part of my career plan.

I really appreciate Koenig Solutions, Delhi for well organized cab pickup and drop of students from airport, time management of courses, online ordering of lunch and the Sales Representatives for immediate replying of emails. My thanks to Koenig Management for organizing such a needed tools for the development of our Institution further.

The courses I took with my instructor, who was a very smart and knowledgeable person at the Koenig Solutions made this period of training more interesting and full of excitement.

During the training sessions we were very open in discussions, as I was directly involved in the implementation of Windows Server 2008 in my organization.

Talking about CCNA training, although it began with some misinformation but later it got fine. The trainer was also very expirienced and he knew how to configure and install routers and swicthes.

I think they have completed their task with me, now it is my turn to develop my skills and get well-familliarized with every thing I have studied.

At last I would specially like to thank my instructor to be the best.

Bethuel M. Samuel