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My name is Bernd Rexer, currently working in Germany as a freelancer specialized on Oracle Databases in particular Data Warehouses...

Bernd Rexer (Germany), OCA, Java SE 5/SE 6 (formerly SCJA) 21 Jan to 28 Jan 2011

My name is Bernd Rexer, currently working in Germany as a freelancer specialized on Oracle Databases in particular Data Warehouses. Because I'm interested in Oracle's BMP and SOA Suite I was looking for an IT training for Java, to repeat the basics of Java. The Oracle SOA and BPM suite is based on Java, and my knowledge about the language was nearly reaching zero, I didn't use it for around 10 years.

When I was looking for an IT training I decided to do this in India to be able to travel afterwards, I needed a break from the projects. The idea to do it in this way was initially a joke of a colleague coming from India, because of the favorable prices. Suddenly I was fascinated about this idea, so I started a search via Internet for opportunities and found Koenig Training.

I was surprised about the offer of a 1:1 training and the various IT certifications possibilities in different locations of India. I always wanted to visit Goa and so it was easy to decide when choosing the location.

From beginning on Koenig Solutions was very clear, I always got fast responds and even though the time between booking and start of the training was quite short, everything was perfectly arranged for me.

I was picked up at the airport of Goa and stayed in a budget hotel direct at the Sea.

Every morning I was picked up from a driver at the hotel and it took only 15 minutes to reach the training center. The OCA Java training was fun for me and my trainer was very kindly, sympathetic and open-minded. He helped me to get the necessary basics I need and I passed the exam with a successful certification. We finished the chapters of the book much faster than expected, so he showed me additional how to write code for amending and persisting values in databases, solely I was interested in although it was not part of the examination.

The 1:1 training was the best way of training I ever had, and I did not find comparable training offers in Europe. If I had any wishes or small issues Koenig found a solution and I got a lot of tips about everything I was interested in.

To stay at a hotel beach using internet while preparing myself for the examination was an experience I never had before, and I will always remember. I enjoyed every day in Goa, found new friends and will surely come again for further training(s).