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My name is Badar Mohammed Al-Mughairi. I’m from Oman. I worked as a Network Engineer since 1998 in Ministry of Education...

Badar Mohammed Al Mughairi (Oman), MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010 17 Nov to 05 Dec 2008

My name is Badar Mohammed Al-Mughairi. I’m from Oman. I worked as a Network Engineer since 1998 in Ministry of Education. In 2003/2004 I did MCSE2000 and A+. In 2007 I changed my organization and I joined Public Authority for Social Insurance (in OMAN) as a Network Administrator. I traveled from Oman on 14/11/2008 to India to do MCITP- Enterprise Messaging Administrator.

I had heard a lot about Goa before but when I was there I found it like a Heaven of Allah on the earth and the people are friendly and helpful. I feel myself as if I am in my country. In the future I will come again and again just to be relaxing and enjoy my time.

I attended MCITP-Enterprise Messaging Administrator course in Koenig-Solutions in Goa branch but you don’t believe me If I said that about this Institute. From the first day I found the institute is a proactive and the management and the instructor force you and change your behaviour about study and learning. I mean they have excellent and professional’s way of doing their job.

From the first day the instructor tries to explain everything in detail in simple way which lets you like the subject and make it interesting, and they do not hesitate to answer any questions you ask in any field. You will find the instructor is prepared and ready, he is not just following the slides but he is knowledgeable.

During the 20 days I got MCITP Certificate and so I did some other Certificates related to my field because the instructor “Vishal” let you trust yourself and if you misunderstand any point in any field he will clarify it to you and help you to keep your mind open and ready to accept any new information.

I wish ever instructor is like Vishal Bhatia. He is very professional in his teaching methods. He knows what he is talking about and delivering. I like him as an instructor, because he creates a trust in you and motivates you. He makes the product very easy to understand and grasp. I would like to do the next course with him.

In the future, may be next year, I am planning to come for another course. Because I want to get new information, and clarify my concepts. I feel that I can now discuss anything with the instructor who is like a Consultant, clarifying my concepts and giving me good information about the product.

I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for the administrative staff in Goa, especially Maria and Sidhi. All the administrative staff is very co-operative.

I would like to thank my organization in OMAN, who gave a chance to attend this course and enhance my knowledge. Special thanks to the IT-Manager HADIA AL-HANAI.