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It was really an exciting experience for me at Koenig...

Ayodeji Adetunji Michael (Nigeria), Oracle 11g DBA OCA & OCP & SCSA on Solaris 10 12 Sep to 01 Oct 2011

It was really an exciting experience for me at Koenig. Being my first time in India, I received the warm reception and hospitality by Koenig staff as if that from the whole country and my impression about India is that it is filled with nice people.

To start with my OCA & OCP DBA 11g training experience I would like to say emphatically that I had the opportunity to get trained under one of the India's greatest Oracle instructors. I would honestly ask for him again and again if I have given the opportunity to choose my trainer. He is a very patient and understanding person and with his teaching methodology he helps every student in his class with the required inspiration to learn regardless of the previous knowledge they have about the Oracle 11g course.

I came in as a totally fresh person in to the course with zero knowledge of the OCA DBA 11g course and it was initially recommended by Koenig counselors that I should take a 1-on-1 training but given my financial status and the urgent need for the training, I was not able to book the 1-on-1 training but to my amazement and just like magic (nothing magical though but hard work) I learnt all that I needed to learn within a very short time (though on a tight and heavy schedule) and I feel absolutely confident for the certification exams. All I need to do is sit down and do my part which is to study everything I have been taught. I also see my Instructor as a good parent figure because he was always willing to help me at anytime I call him for his help. He told me "I am just a mail away". I can tell you that every moment I spent in his class were absolutely meaningful, inspiring, educative, motivating and always like never ending. It was time worth it.

My Oracle training also gave me the opportunity to meet with great minds from all over the world. I met different people from different IT specialization both in class and at the Koenig Student Apartment.  It gave me a feeling that I was in touch with the whole world. My classmates were also very great, resourceful, friendly and loving. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, it felt like we know each other for many years. It was always a great family feeling with them and there was really a very great bonding still even after the training.

Every Koenig staff I met overall from the Centre Manager (an absolute mother and manager); Mr. Gaurav Narula (a great manager and a friend); the Customer Care Representative;  my caretakers from Koenig Student Apartment; Mr. Anil (a great cook with exceptional hospitality) and the other man at the Koenig Inn (forgotten his name); the IT guys in the server room that helped me to give my laptop a new brain (meant changing of RAM) Mr. Naresh and his colleagues with their efficiency and effectiveness to work and to help; the exam coordinator and supervisor Gurpreet and Sapna (wonderful ladies); the hospitality desk executive Ms. Ankita Goyal (always with a rare smile); the drivers that take us every day to our accommodation; the guys in-charge of our lunch; the Koenig Security guards, all are absolutely a group of fantastic people. They are always and ever ready to help in every way possible.

My heart really says a very big thank you to all. I would really love to get trained again at Koenig Solutions.

Ayodeji Adetunji Michael.