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My name is Aurea Agarin, originally from Philippines, but presently working in one of the biggest company in Middle East as an accounting clerk...

Aurea Agarin (Philippines), A+;Network+;MCDST 06 Sep to 05 Oct 2005

My name is Aurea Agarin, originally from Philippines, but presently working in one of the biggest company in Middle East as an accounting clerk.

As I can observe everything now a days is getting updated, so I decided, to find the way how I can update my self. I know being updated in everything is one of the best things that I can do to have a good carrier, especially in abroad. But Gary McNeely, attended 10 days class here in India. As his experienced, it's good enough to recommend to other people like me. He told me Koenig is the answer of my problem. What he did was he sent me here in India , he told me what the course do I need to take because I don't know nothing in terms of operating system was concerned. At first I do not believe because I know Microsoft came from USA so the best thing is to go to USA, but he is American so reason enough to believe with him.

September 4, 2005 at 10:45pm was my flight, September 5, I reached India at around 4:55 am, after 10 minutes somebody call my attention, he was the driver who picked me up in the airport. I went to the hotel, at fist I'm not that happy when I saw the hotel, but its just temporary after 2hours they transferred me in other hotel, although its budget hotel, but the facility is good, from the bill boy up to the management of the hotel they treated me as a special person, (THANKS TO THEM).

September 6, my first day in Koenig, I attended my Boot Camp, I met a number of staff members. I introduced my self to them, I was surprised for their being hospitality, which was unexpected. They introduced me to my trainer, he is a good guy I learned a lot from him, started my A+ I learned a lot things in hardware, after 14 days I started my Net + its is operating system, after 7 days I proceed to MCSDT its Microsoft technician, at first I thought only man can do that work but to the help of my trainer I learned how to assemble and upgrade the computer. In the courses I attended I learned a lot. Before I know only was to type, do my paper works,( its my daily routine) in the office, but now look at me I can do something, the knowledge that I have now is a big help to my growing career, and its because of the good ambiance (Koenig staff) and great trainer came from Koenig. It's amazing, what things that I can say is, “WOW” to the staff of Koenig thank you very much, specially to my trainer who tried their best teached me.

After those courses I found out that I need to relax it is because Taj Mahal is one of the popular tourist spot in the world I decided to visit it. As the Koenig is responsible in everything I spoke to Isha, I told her that I'm planning to visit Taj Mahal. As they have a great customer service, she help me to booked everything, I'm so happy, they treated me as a special person, it's amazing in my part because I been in some countries but they didn't treat me as what I experienced in India. It's amazing, really I can't believe. I been in Taj Mahal, and its so nice place, I can recommend it to all people who attending class in Koenig, don't think about it go a head you will enjoy it.

Monday after Taj Mahal, I went to Koenig to attend the last chapter of my training but unfortunately the trainer was not feeling well, but Sandeep, the training manager, came with me personally and approached me; he was apologizing because the trainer can't come. He arrange everything in their expensed look around and visit some tourist spot in India just to make me happy, I went to Indira Ghandi place, India Gate, some Temple, eg Lotus Temple, etc. I went to hotel with smiled in my face because I'm so happy for everything.

The day came, I need to go back home, I felt sad because I knew I need to leave already, I felt sorry to my trainer, because we been togather for a very short time we became a good friend. She came with me down stair and waving me while I'm leaving.

To all of you in Koenig thank you very much for everything, don't worry I decided to come back there next year March to attend some classes, MCSE, Oracle, CCNA. I think on that time I may spend 2-3 months with you, hopefully if I get back there you are still the same Koenig staff that I met before.