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Hi, I’m Ashish Kumar Jha and I work as a System Administrator in “Era Group”...

Ashish Kumar (India), Share Point 2010 for Developers;10135: MCTS Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring 16 Aug to 18 Sep 2011

Hi, I’m Ashish Kumar Jha and I work as a System Administrator in “Era Group”. I have successfully completed the Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 training from Koenig Solutions, Delhi. I would like to thank all the supporting staff specially my Exchange Server 2010 trainer who made the training successful within the time frame with her broad and excellent knowledge and I would like to thank Mr. Naresh (IT) who supported me especially in lab and for providing me the supporting document. My trainer had the dedication and commitment to share maximum knowledge with me to make the successful training.

I would like to thank our organization “Era Group” that provided me training especially Mr. Anil Jha (GM) who is ultimately a great personality in IT and Mr. Chiranjeeb Sen Gupta (PM) to select Koenig institute as a training partner.

The SharePoint 2010 trainer made sure that I understood and learn everything very clearly and well, which I thought would be very hard due to the "super-fast track" and I have to finish one book in three days to complete the track. His endless and unlimited amount of knowledge made it look so easy to me. For better understanding, he was trying to show practically each & every module in the virtual environment.

The trainers delivered the Microsoft course material to a high standard and gave the satisfying answers to all my queries and the questions that I had. He explained every concept we were covering whereas the time limitation is a big fact.

I will strongly recommend those who are interested in pursuing a career in IT to come to India and join Koenig Solutions, have theory and practice with the best.

I hope we as an Era Group would love to visit probably in next session for further training.

Ashish Kumar