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My experience at Koenig was better than I expected it to be...

Arif Rafique (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003;MCSA 2003;MCDBA 2003 (SQL Server 2000) 31 Oct to 02 Dec 2006

My experience at Koenig was better than I expected it to be, as the cost was much cheaper than everyone else I expected every thing to be done on the cheap or lots and lots of extras when I got there, neither of which happened. It started off with a few emails backwards and forwards confirming what Koenig could do for me, sorting out how much it would cost and setting up dates. I also got some help arranging my visa.

A few weeks later I was on my way to Delhi. I chose Delhi because I thought it would be most conducive to learning, Shimla I thought would be too cold in December and who would sit in a classroom if there is a beach to sit on in Goa.

I have to say my biggest fear was there would be no one to meet me at the airport, but everything went smoothly. I was dropped off at my hotel with the info pack as promised containing info and local currency, unfortunately I was just too tired to read it. The pack did turn out to be very useful latter though especially for all the take away phone numbers, you can get McDonalds to deliver to the hotel if you so wish. My personal recommendation for eat in food is Raffles at Karol Bagh. (The Masala Dosa is well worth a try).

The atmosphere at the centre was always friendly and welcoming. The people that Koenig employ, not only the trainers but also the ancillary staff and basically every one at the centre help to make the experience of attending Koenig more pleasant. I made a lot of new friend’s staff and students alike.

I feel I was almost a complete novice when it came to severs and the like before attending Koenig, but after 6 weeks in India I achieved my MCSE, MCDBA and a few other qualifications that I didn’t plan to take. I am now employed in my first technical IT role and happy doing something I enjoy.

I know I am painting a pretty picture of my time in India, but I can assure you there was a lot hard work involved too, many, many nights with my head stuck in a book. I was glad for the camaraderie amongst the students that really helped me along when I felt things getting tough.

There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said by other featured students. I too found all 3 of my trainers spoke English very well and communicated the subjects they taught in a very professional manner giving extra help on areas I was finding difficult, I was even offered assistance out of normal training hours. Computer hardware at the centre was adequate for training purposes with a good proportion of time allocated to hands on lab work. The Koenig offices were going through a bit of a revamp while I was there, the work was carried out in a way to minimise the impact on studying.

Having no distractions of family or your usual social life you can put your whole energy into passing the exams When you are not busy passing exams Delhi is a great place to explore, just watching the traffic go by is entertaining, one of the few things that is done at a frantic pace. The shopping is good too if you like to haggle.

I can understand anyone being cautious and wary of a place that is so far away from home, I know I was. It’s worth it, just for the financial savings alone. I had a great time, and no they didn’t pay me to write this.