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I am Amjad Al-Tobi from Oman. I have joined Koenig Solutions Red Hat Enterprise Linux course...

Amjad Al-Tobi (Oman), RHCE/RHCT 14 Dec to 07 Jan 2011

I am Amjad Al-Tobi from Oman. I have joined Koenig Solutions Red Hat Enterprise Linux course. At the beginning I was not sure about how things are going to be. Therefore, I decided to come to India 10 days before the starting date of the Red Hat course, to get familiar with Goa; and now I wished that I spared some 10 days extra to stay a bit more in Goa after the course.

I contacted the Goa center after my arrival and they were really helpful. Then the Red Hat course started on the specified date and things went well and smooth. Course material was covered fully on the planned schedule and lots of practices and hands-on tutorial were also conducted. That really gave me more confidence in the skills I learned.

People in Koenig Solutions are very kind and you will be able to sense their hospitality from their proficiency and speed in answering your e-mails; and you are going to confirm it when you reach India. So, if you are planning to join Koenig Solutions in any of their listed IT courses, then this might be the best decision you will ever take. I have joined them in RHCE training and the amount of knowledge I have gained made me think what has delayed me that much in making such a decision.

I did my RHCE training in Goa. It is the best place if you love peace of mind and enjoyment. People in Koenig are like one family. They always act to your best and satisfaction. Therefore, my advice is to spare some days (4 at least) after the course finishes to visit Goa as its very beautiful place.

Do not expect it to be like big cities with huge shopping malls, but peaceful place with friendly and kind people.

My instructor was one of the very few best teachers I have ever studied with; and they are very few by the way (less than your fingers in your right hand, but now one more added to them). He always has an answer for any question that pops up any time. I am looking forward to join in other IT courses to advance my skills. In one word, my experience with Koenig Solutions was GREAT.