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Hello... I’m Ali from Dundee, Scotland.Since completing my degree two years ago...

Alistair Colsille (Scotland), MCPD:  Windows Developer 3.5 13 Nov to 29 Nov 2006

Hello... I’m Ali from Dundee, Scotland.

Since completing my degree two years ago, I have been working with a local company developing customisations of our web based CMS. Unfortunately I had just missed the .NET courses at university and being a key skill for my field, I decided to teach myself in the evenings and when ready, sit the required exam. Fortunately though, one of my colleagues had been looking into boot camps as an alternative to studying in the evenings. After discussing it with our managers they thought the opportnity to train two staff in this area and the benefits of applying for Microsoft Partnership were worth the cost. So we signed up for the 19 day fast track course for MCPD.


I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What I heard about India was always differing depending on the region, some negative and others positive. Coming from the UK, I was a little shocked when I first arrived. We had arrived around 3am in one of Delhi’s worse smogs before being dropped off at the hotel. In the dark the area looked worrying, buildings had missing fronts and the hotel we were staying in had plastic sheeting all over its front (We later found out this was due to the government moving businesses out of residential areas). After the intial shock of the first day, I quickly got used to Delhi. It’s a very big city, with some rich and some very poor areas. The driving is great, 2 lanes become 4 and the loudest horn rules... you should experience this on a rickshaw, it’s a great laugh. Coming from the UK, I found the poor areas a bit hard to see, slum areas with people living in tents, open sewers, etc. Besides this Delhi has a lot to see, some great attractions like the Red Fort, Lotus Temple, etc.

The culture and food is great. The people (the non tourist hunters) are very friendly and willing to help. I couldn’t fault the food, very cheap and a huge range.

Koenig and the training

With any training course, you are always worried about the quality of teaching. Whether or not the instructor is a good teacher, their knowledge is suffcient, and in this case, their English understandable.

From day one, it was obvious none of these points would be an issue. To start with, there was only 2 pupils (in this case) to one teacher. Our teacher spoke fluit English and had a clear accent.

As for his knowledge, he is definately an expert in his field. Some teachers I’ve had in the past, teach from a book they know inside out. With my trainer this wasn’t the case. He knew the subject inside out. Any question we asked, he could give a detailed answer with good examples. Besides knowledge on our course, he was also good in other technical areas and the classes were well strucured, covering the content suffiently.

I got on well with him, he had a good sense of humour and loved to answer questions on  India, its culture, its history etc. I would definately recommend him as an instructor.

I spoke to a lot of students while I was there and everyone seemed to have a positive opinion of  their instructor.

As for Koenig itself, everything was well organised and the support staff were great. They organising some great trips (Taj Mahal, Delhi tour etc) and helped us with general  issues that people have when visiting another country.


I would definately recommend Koenig and hopefully someday I’ll be back to study some more!