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All trainings they offered me were exceedingly great, thought provoking and professional confidence building...

Alfred Inyaga (Sudan), CCNA Security (IINS V3);CCNP Security 22 Dec to 15 Jan 2013

I am Aliaka Inyaga from South Sudan. I am trying to develop my career in cisco networking & security. I once attended training in Koenig Solutions in India, New Delhi and found that delivery of the training was exceptional, and the instructors have enriching experience. This tied my eyes to always look into the direction of Koenig. Interestingly, as my boss was planning to send me back to Koenig for training, he landed on a new branch in Dubai and suggested I should go to the new branch in Dubai.

In Koenig Dubai, I trained on CCNA Security and CCNP Security. I really need to thank my instructors for the generous and professional sharing of their knowledge and experience with me during the entire training. All trainings they offered me were exceedingly great, thought provoking and professional confidence building. The training I had in Koenig-Dubai left me much informed because it was not just about the training but also Dubai Knowledge Village; where Koenig-Dubai is located, is such an interesting and enjoyable environment to learn and discover new things. The limit of answers I got from the instructors were limited only by the number of questions I asked, they just didn’t end on the course content but went further in other areas of help in related fields.

My little worry before I went there was the kind of feeding I was going to be on but that fear faded as my accommodation was in Koenig Deluxe Apartment where people from different ends of the world were putting. Not even a single day any person complained on a dining table of the type or taste of food that was prepared but only thanks flew to the apartment care takers who not only know how to interact with people but also cooked world-class food. The Center Manager, Mr. Aditya Girish and his staff are other decent people in their respective jobs and dealt really well with matters concerning them in friendly and administrative ways.

At last, I would like to give my special thanks to one of the instructors for his meaningful experience and advice that helped me to take my certification exams with much confidence. I would also like to thank Senior Trainer Cisco Security for his help even after the course and not forgetting another trainer who started my training.

For any person who may need to have his/her career in cisco networking and security, I would recommend him/her not to hesitate to check on Koenig-Dubai for durable solutions.

Best Wishes,
Inyaga Aliaka Mathine