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I recently attended my MCSE + Exchange + ISA + Security Certificates...

Alan Evans (United Kingdom), MCSE: Messaging 2003 20 May to 07 Jul 2008

I recently attended my MCSE + Exchange + ISA + Security Certificates. The level of tuition I received was absolutely fantastic. I had on a number of occasions attempted to get these qualifications in the UK without success. At Koenig they deliver there promises unlike the courses I had signed up for in the UK. From my arrival in Delhi to my departure back to the UK I was treated like a king. The people at Koenig (Dehradun only) are really amazing, nothing to much for them. If you ask you get. I made many friends and I hope to go back next year. It is really inexpensive in India although some try to rip you off. Bargain at all times, it is expected of you.

The training:
As you can see above I took a few courses, and I had three different instructors, all were brilliant and I would recommend them for anyone who attends MCSE certification. These instructors will get it through to you know matter how hard it is, they go to your level and bring you up, unlike most instructors who expect you to be up with them. I had a few years experience before attending at Koenig, but soon found I new nothing, lol.

A bit of advice:
Ask your instructor to slow down straight away so that you don’t have him or her repeating themselves. There English is excellent but at times we all talk to fast. It will save you both times in the long run.

Again ask your instructor to order the local foods they eat, especially the mixed veg its lovely. The chef is excellent, they will cook almost anything you fancy, well they did for me lol. I tried lots of there different foods. What I did as far as studying was concerned: All day it was instructor led in the lab so I did that, but when I went home to my lovely apartment in (Dehradun) I studied for my exams hour after hour, this was good advice I had passed on to me when I first arrived.

Places I visited:

  • Missouri is a lovely town up the mountains where the air is fresher and not quite so hot and humid, there were lots of stalls and nice things to bring home to your loved ones.
  • Clementown: Temple, we went during a monsoon so it was not what we expected, but other’s that had visited were impressed.
  • Agra: I had a few days spare at the end of my course, and I had always wanted to see the Taj Mahal, wow am I glad I did it was beautiful, everything I had thought it to be and more. I was lucky and stayed at the http://www.tajhomestay.com/ it was very comfortable and again inexpensive, a large double room cost £15 including breakfast and taxes. If you email them in advance they will take good care of you. They are prompt with the reply of emails. It is situated about 10 minutes from the Taj Mahal. There is a golf course at the FRI Forest reserve India I think it stands for, its pretty good and inexpensive.
  • Delhi: I personally did not like Delhi at all, to hot and humid and everybody wants to rip you off and I mean everybody. The centre itself was excellent. At Dehradun all the staff went out of there way to help you, to carry your bags well everything, in the two other centres I visited this was not the case, I felt like I was on my own. Again I will say DEHRADUN is the place to be, great, friendly people that want to make you feel welcome.

Shimla centre was the same as Delhi in the felt like a stranger and alone, centre well I had better not comment on that.

As you can see I like Dehradun, its upto you where you go but it is well worth the little extra they charge to go there, believe me.

Thank you to all the staff at Koenig (DEHRADUN) only lol, for making my stay fantastic, also for getting me through all my courses I could not have done it without you.