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 I would say he is the exact reason of success for my course work. He is knowledgeable on the subject and his explanations were easy to understand...

Ahmed Iyad Mohamed (Maldives), MCITP: Server Administrator – Windows Server 2008 (MCSA 2008) 11 May to 02 Jun 2013

My name is Ahmed Iyad Mohamed. I am currently working in Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma as an IT Officer. As a part of my daily work life I have to manage an environment which is totally Microsoft based, I thought of enhancing my knowledge for the product and its management. For this very reason I planned of doing Microsoft Certified IT Professional Server Administrator. I was recommended other various boot camp facilitators but after paramount consideration the decision was made as I have my previous certification done in Koenig as well. Though it was distance learning I have to say that I cherish it with full gratitude, and I would like to share my DL experience here as well.

Starting from the registration till my first day of training I was updated about the course and kept on right track via my sales coordinator who did a brilliant job. I was assigned with my tutor who has a vast knowledge of the subject which made a big impression and made the coursework more enjoyable.

I was introduced to Ms. Deepti on my very first day of DL classes whom I would like to thank a lot for recommending me to come for offshore training at Koenig Delhi. Deciding on an examination center was quite a challenge for me as we had none in Maldives. Ms. Manisha Mittal, testing administrator for Koenig suggested some nearby examination centers in SARC region where I could go for examination.

Koenig-Solutions have a very good vision in this dispensation, very organized, focused and highly coordinated. Four months after doing my first certification over DL, I planned on doing my next certification and unlike the last time I wanted to visit a boot camp and experience real hands on studies with an actual study professional environment.

My very first request to join the batch for studies at Koenig training center in Delhi was replied by the sales coordinator. She handled all my registration and did a brilliant job in explaining the whole course structure. Until the day I left Maldives for the course, she always kept me up to date on registration for the course and kept me on track on what I was to face. I was welcomed to India by a Koenig representative at the airport who gave me a welcome Kit and who was also my cab driver which was arranged for me at my arrival. As I walked into Koenig Inn (where I stayed) I was introduced to Mr. Anvar our receptionist at Koenig Inn who has been really helpful at my stay. The room was well equipped, always kept clean and I had no issues during my stay.

My first day at the training center I was introduced to Mr. Imran and Mr. Paras. They were very helpful whenever I needed help at the training center. I would like to thank them for their excellent care and outstanding service. When I reached my class I was introduced to my tutor for MCITP. I would say he is the exact reason of success for my course work. He is knowledgeable on the subject and his explanations were easy to understand. He always kept faith in me, and he always had confidence in me which really kept me strong throughout the whole course. I would say he is one of the best tutors I have met in my whole life. I do not have enough words to express my genuine gratitude for the effort he put in training the students and how proud I am to be one of his students. I am really amazed by the lab setup and the professional experience I have been given.

Experience at Koenig Solutions makes me feel that I reached to my secured aspirations with a perfect study environment. I am pleased to say that I have experienced the best of a boot camp and wish you best wishes for your future endeavors. I highly recommend Koenig Solutions to those who are looking forward to do professional, fun-filled IT training.