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My name is Ahmed Sousain, I am from Jordan, and I work at a company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...

Ahmad Hassan (Saudi Arabia), MCITP: Database Developer: SQL Server 2008;OCP, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer (formerly SCDJWS) 30 Dec to 11 Jan 2011

My name is Ahmed Sousain, I am from Jordan, and I work at a company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company asked me to search for a training center for Web Service Development in Java.

I spent several weeks searching for a good IT training in that field. I found that Koenig was the best one among all the once I had searched, in terms of diverse technologies training, for all major vendors in IT market and one prince for full package.

What is unique at Koenig Solutions, is you pay for all services just one time, you get all services, starting from airport picking, resident (at your choice, Koenig Apartment, Koenig Inn, or hotels), professional IT training, meals, and at the end what every IT professional wants, the recognized certificate after completing the IT training and passing the exam.

I met students who came from different country; I met students from Netherlands, UK, US, Belgium, Nigeria and Philippine.

I can confirm that the procedures and details written on the web is exactly as you will see when you arrive.

All team members really work as one family, the driver, the cook, the resident supervisor, trainer, and the manager you met really serve you at their best, what ever you ask they will help you, and I do believe that this is really quite important for a student in a country he visits alone for the first time. That was not on the first day, but actually to the last day of my stay there.

The training was from 9:00 to 5:00 with one hour lunch break, you will have the opportunities to experience the Indian food in wide spread of meals.

The trainers generally are well prepared. I have gained a deep working knowledge in the subject I wanted to learn, more over, getting the certificate.

My stay was in Dehradun, a wonderful place to study and enjoy the real nature near Himalaya Mountains. I stayed in a country house, the environment at the Country House was clean, food was delicious, and even a free laundry and ironing.

I have taken a lot of photos there, I enjoyed that period in India, and it really was a wonderful period I spent there.

Finally, I want to say thank for all of people at Koenig, specifically thanks to the Manager, my trainers, Country House Supervisor, the cook and the driver.

I recommend the training at Koenig Solutions for all IT professionals, and I hope you will enjoy it as I did.