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One month Training experience with Koeing has been a wonderful and a fulfilled experience for me...

Agbato Adewunmi Godwin (Nigeria), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 14 Jul to 11 Aug 2008

One month Training experience with Koeing has been a wonderful and a fulfilled experience for me. I got more than I bargained for. There are training centers and there are training centers. However, no training outfit is like Koenig. Some people call it center of learning and others call it center of achievement. But I‘ll rather call it “Center of Excellence”. Excellence in term of, education, accomplishment, productivity and performance. Thanks to the Koenig crew members who are dedicated to making others succeed – making things happen.

My Mission
I came in for MCSD and I achieved MCPD – Enterprise Application Development. Thanks to the hints that Microsoft is retiring MCSD by March 2009. The good foundation I got in my MCSD training from Koenig is the foundation of the achievement. Though I did a lot of studying and internet research for the MCPD certification. I lost about 7Kg to studies. Yet am happy I accomplished more than I expected.

I had no problem settling down because the ground was already prepared for my coming. I was picked up on time from the airport to my hotel by a waiting Koenig staff – No Delay. The sum of 1000 Indian Rupees was given to me immediately on my arrival by Koenig to assist my spending, thought it was adjusted into my bill. Moving to and fro from the hotel was made easy because cabs were scheduled by the Koenig to pick and drop students throughout my stay. The cab drivers respect time and they arrive promptly as scheduled – Time keepers. The Training Center
On 14th July, I started the training at the Moti Nagal center. Honestly, the center is truly a very good learning environment. The Classrooms are well structured, the environment quiet and appropriate for learning. Other facilities like lunch room, tea corners, test center etc makes it an ideal environment for IT Training. What else goes with learning?

The staff
After the orientation for new students, an instructor was attached to me. She was a young looking and highly skilled female instructor, the one I fondly called My Sister. I initially wondered what stuffs she ha s gotten to be my instructor. But, she surprised me and proved my thought absolutely wrong. Very good on the Job - excellent display of knowledge, good human relations, appropriate counseling skills – A true Educator. Toward the tail end of my course, a new male instructor was introduced to continue with me. Again the thought came “Would this maintain the status?” Yes he did. – a Guru very good at impacting knowledge. He took new dimension in taking the course and the result was fantastic. He finished the course and I was glad he came - perfect hand for the right man.

I later discovered koenig hires the best hands for the job and the attributes the two instructors displayed are peculiar to all koenig instructors. What else do you want? Generally, the staff has these unique smiles that will make you feel success so close – Smiles of Assurance. Each day, each one of the staff you meet welcome you with new smiles.

Honestly, koenig is not doing something different from what other training centers are doing. But koenig is doing same things others are doing in a very different way. That makes the difference.

It was not a wrong choice coming to koenig for training because I achieved more than I planned. What a wonderful place to be, what a wonderful people to meet and what a wonderful training experience.

I’ll be back!