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Koenig Solutions is a well run establishment that only gives professional and a pleasant environment to study...

Adelaja Musiliu Adetunji (Nigeria), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA);ITIL® 2011 Foundation;Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH);Security+ 08 Apr to 03 May 2013

Hello everyone!

I'm Adelaja Musiliu Adetunji from Nigeria. I work in Information Technology (ICT) Department of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto Nigeria. This is my first time in India though the name KOENIG is not new in my dictionary as my organization had sponsored quite a large number of staff to KOENIG in the past.

I have been working as an IT professional for the past fifteen years with no specialization in any particular area. It was when the plan by my organization to take the hospital to another level i.e. making hospital paperless which led to the restructuring of my department into various units viz-a-viz Training, Software Development, Network Unit etc. This was when my long awaited dream of specializing in area of Networking came to reality. Base on the new face of the department, I was asked to head the unit. Now to head the unit without much knowledge of Networking will be like a farmer without farm tools. The management agreed to send staff for training to enable the organization achieve the success in the project at hand. It was on this note that I embarked on searching for a reputable IT training organization and suddenly, KOENIG came to my mind. As a novice in the field of networking, a letter was sent to KOENIG to recommend courses that will of benefits to me in the field of networking and in conclusion, I was asked to go for CCNA, Security+, CEH and ITIL respectively.

VISA Processing
Above was the first phase. Now having confirmed the courses and the institution to do the training, VISA processing commenced immediately and to make the matter worst, X-Entry VISA was secured which gave me a serious problem in India during the course of extending, rather I was given Exit VISA. I and my colleague actually supposed to leave Nigeria for KOENIG 2nd of April, 2013 but because of some logistic problems, we stayed back for another one week. We left Nigeria for India on 6th of April, 2013 and with all the rigours, stress and delayed faced on our way, we arrived Indira Gandhi International Airport on April, 8 2013 safely.

Arrival @ Airport
At the airport I met by a member of staff from Koenig who took me to Koenig Student Apartment. He gave me an envelope which contained all the necessary information useful to someone visiting India for the first time. It also contained a well written document which had all the information about the training centre and the sum of 1000 Indian currency called Rupees. Having slept for just 2hrs, phone extension in my room rang and when I picked, guessed what I heard. “The breakfast is ready and cab to convey students to the study centre can be here anytime from now” I didn’t know what to say, I quickly took my bath and dressed, took the lift to the ground floor, joined other students at the breakfast hall and had a wonderful breakfast. Few minutes later, the cab conveyed us to the study centre and after the usual documentation, orientation, quality textbooks for the first course were given and lecture commenced in my Lab room no 116 on 1-on-1 basis with my trainer, a knowledgeable instructor in the field of Networking.

Training Centre & Staff:
The training centre is adequately equipped, and transportation to and fro the centre is provided by Koenig. KOENIG drivers are experts and are among the best drivers I ever met in my life. The cleaning staff equal to the task as they make the centre glittering day by day. The management staffs are wonderful as they attend to students’ problem(s) without wasting time. The standard of the training is superb. All my trainers are verse in knowledge and made the lectures interactive all the time. Am proud of all of them and they will ever be remembered in life as they have all made a great impact in my life. Kudos to you all. I got to know quite a large number of students during my stay and the very high standard of training is always the thing people comment on.  I understand the centre has a high exam success rate, and this is no doubt due to the excellent teaching staff. Launch provision to students on training is a culture at Koenig Solutions which is not practicable in other training centres. Students eat whatever they like without any barrier or monitoring.

Koenig Solutions is a well run establishment that only gives professional and a pleasant environment to study. The staff at the 25/17 East Patel Nagar (Koenig Apartment) made my stay comfortable and enjoyable. I came to India with an open mind and was shocked at the hospitality and friendliness India showed me. I met other students from Belgium, USA, Nigeria, Uganda, UK, England, Cameroun and Australia. Breakfast and Dinner time was enjoyable because we all got to know each other’s background and what course we were taking.

Time did not permit me in visiting some interesting places but have hope of visiting those places when next I visit India (KOENIG) for further training.

Final Word...

  • Don't underestimate how long you're staying here.
  • Be prepared to study hard. I do mean hard, even people on the fast track and super fast track put 4 hours or more in each night.
  • Don't count on getting Sunday off. There is so much study; Sunday usually ends up as a study day.
  • Don't expect Delhi to be like a major European city, you're in India and there are superb building and building that look like they should be condemned.
  • I came with nothing and am going home with lots of certifications and I would say I have learnt an awful lot since I have been here.

Finally the people in India are very friendly and always welcome you with a friendly smile. On the aspect of I.T. training, I have no hesitation in recommending KOENIG as no. 1 offshore training.

Best Regards
Adelaja Musiliu Adetunji