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My decision to enroll in Koenig Solutions – Goa Boot camp for my CCNP & CCNA certification is so far one of the greatest decisions I had ever made because it...

Abdulmalik Shehu Abba (Nigeria), CCNA & CCNP 03 Jun to 26 Jun 2009


My decision to enroll in Koenig Solutions – Goa Boot camp for my CCNP & CCNA certification is so far one of the greatest decisions I had ever made because it has made a tremendous impact in both my career as an IT professional and my field of work. To start with KOENIG is a boot camp that I can say, offers a 5 Star standard in IT Training and CCNP & CCNA Certification.  On like various boot camps that are only focused on giving their clients/students materials and lectures that only helps them get a Certification, Koenig gives its student an in-depth training based on the importance of a course and to understand the concepts of whatever certification a student enrolls for, its use, where and how to put the acquired knowledge into practice in the real world.

For long, I have been doing a self study for my CCNP & CCNA certification using online resources and video tutorials but I was always left in the dark, not knowing how some devices work and basic concepts of implementing the knowledge in the real world. It was always abstract and I found it hard to have a clear picture of what was happening and why it was done in such a way.

I then decided to go for training where I would have someone explain it to me better, luckily enough I found Koenig Solutions via the web and enrolled for the CCNP and CCNA certification boot camp; which was to last for 26 days (for the fast track).

With everything set for my boot camp, I always had it in mind that there was no way I could attain a CCNP and CCNA certification within 26days but I decided to give it a try. My intention was to come and get all the practical knowledge with real Cisco routers (without using Simulators) and when I feel confident enough, I would write my CCNP & CCNA certification exams back in Nigeria. Surprisingly it turned out that my thought was wrong, and my tutor; a highly qualified IT trainee with a very good communication skills in English, impacted priceless knowledge on the concepts and mode of operation of Cisco devices. He not only concentrated on teaching me the necessary things I needed to know to get my certification but he was always trying to make me understand that the best way to learn was to understand how things work first, and we went ahead with his mode of teaching “UNDERSTANDING THE BASIC CONCEPTS”. (lol)

I had the opportunity of working with real Cisco routers and Switches from the High end routers such as the 3500 series to the low end ones (2600XM models) and Switches of different Modules and categories including Multi-layer switches, which I had only seen on the Video tutorials. I was opportuned to advanced lab equipments and we had very complex /advanced labs setup and even configurations of  VoiP phones, Cisco WCS Wireless Technology e.t.c. which are being deployed now-a-days worldwide.

After the boot camp, I was confident of my knowledge in Networking and I took all my CCNP & CCNA Certification exams and passed all without any difficulty, thanks to Koenig Solutions. Also with Koenig Tutors and its staffs who always have a smile on their faces and willing to help at anytime, I can proudly call myself a CCNP & CCNA Certified IT Professional with capabilities of designing, implementing, administering and troubleshooting any kind of Network (LAN or WAN) having 1 – 10,000 nodes with confidence and guarantee.

I look forward to coming back to Koenig Solutions very soon for more Certifications. It is no doubt a place to acquire IT knowledge. Lastly I’m proud to also inform you that KOENIG SOLUTIONS have been honored by Microsoft and was awarded the MICROSOFT CITIZENSHIP PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2009”which is their second consecutive Award from Microsoft.

Indeed it is an award achieved only by Excellence, Commitment to service offering dedication and Hard-work. From my own point of view, the word KOENIG means: -

Knowledge with Outstanding Excellence where National Intellectuality is Guaranteed SOLUTIONS.
Abdulmalik Shehu Abba