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Hello My Name is Abdullah Adelyar & I am working as IT Analyst with Etisalat Afghanistan,...

Abdullah (Afghanistan), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA);CCNA Voice;Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH);Convergence+ 08 Jul to 04 Aug 2010

Hello My Name is Abdullah Adelyar & I am working as IT Analyst with Etisalat Afghanistan, now I am in Koenig Training Center, within one month I have completed CCNA Voice certification, Convergence +, CEH Certification & also I have up graded CCNA Certification.

I had a wonderful time in class learning the CCNA Voice, Convergence+& most wonderful  CEH certification training  years of experience in the workforce, made it a lot easier to understand most of the subjects and concepts that were in the training course materials. Although at times, my knowledge was not up to scratch in some areas but this was the right place and opportunity to learn these new CEH Techniques we either heard of or knew little about.

Our trainer was the perfect match for our class. I had a lot of fun learning from him and he made it easy to understand new things we were not clear about, or explained things in the simplest format to really understand. I had so much time for to ask about and made sure we were comfortable and ready with our study preparations before attempting any of our exams. I can't thank him enough.
Also while you're here, you get to make new friends from all corners of the earth - it's a multi-cultural environment for learning. The environment is warm and staff members are open and easy to talk to as well as the student themselves.

I highly recommend Koenig to my fellow country men and women to come to Koenig Solutions if you want to get your certification in your chosen field of IT and much more.

I wish all future students the best of luck and you definitely won't be disappointed.