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Hi, we are Eric Beragg and Serge Mulders from the Netherlands. We just started to work as freelance ...

Eric Berrag And Serge Mulders (Netherlands), MCPD Web Developer 4 28 Feb to 20 Mar 2011

Hi, we are Eric Beragg and Serge Mulders from the Netherlands. We just started to work as freelance .NET software developers and needed to get our knowledge and skills up-to-date. We both think it's important you should know the tools and frameworks you work with if you're serious about your job. It's also a way to show your level of expertise to potential customers. A friend told us about his training at Koenig Solutions; a well equipped and fair priced training center. That's how we found out about Koenig Solutions.

We booked a fast-track Boot Camp for MCPD Web Developer 4 (Microsoft Development) in Koenig Goa via the Benelux office after doing a knowledge test. The fast-track is indeed what the name implies: fast! The .NET course itself was very good. Our trainer was well capable of explaining all the details and gave additional examples or demonstrations when we asked for it.

During our .NET training we met people from Nigeria, Yemen, Canada, and Seychelles and so on. It's a kind of tradition to get a drink at the famous Night Market in Anjuna on Saturday evening, so we did! A good moment to talk with your fellow students and drink a beer. Tip: don't take your exams on Monday, because otherwise you'll have to study on Sunday with a hangover.

After three weeks of intensive .NET training we stayed a few days in Anjuna, about half an hour from the training center. A nice beach, cold beers and good music is a good way to end the IT Boot Camp.

Koenig is exactly the way you see it on the website. All the employees are nice and always willing to help you in any way. This goes for the training center as well as the cook, cleaners and assistants at the apartment. The food is great and they'll make sure you eat enough! The Koenig Students Apartment is nice and clean and equipped with WiFi.

If you're thinking about taking the MCPD .NET Training, do it! You won't be disappointed. You might want to consider to take the regular track so you have some spare time to see the city and surroundings. You won't have time for this when taking the fast-track like we did.

Thank you Koenig for having us!

Eric Beragg & Serge Mulders