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Hi there! We are Adilson, Isabel and Etvaldo and we are from Angola...

Adilson, Isabel And Etvaldo (Angola), MCITP SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Developer 09 May to 16 Jun 2011

Hi there! We are Adilson, Isabel and Etvaldo and we are from Angola. We work as a Technical Analyst for Chevron and we support Web Application. We took the opportunity to update our skills as Developers. Working for a big Petroleum company like Chevron, we needed to have the appropriate skills to comply with the newest technology and without any doubt the best place to do so was at Koenig Solutions. Our colleagues from IT department told us that they had a good experience at Koenig, a well equipped and fair priced training center. That's how we found out about Koenig Solutions.

We booked two Boot Camps, Regular track for MCPD ASP.NET 3.5 and MCITP: SQL Server 2008: Business Intelligence Developer training at Koenig Goa. Our regular track took duration of 17 exciting days, can't even imagine how good it was, because although it was challenging, our two instructors made sure we understood the concept very well. They gave clear explanation with drawings and example so that we could get the clear picture. Our MCITP instructor was very patient and probably one of the best instructors we have had so far.

During our training we made a lot of good friends from Netherlands, Nigeria, USA, Isle of Man, Canada, Portugal and Germany. Without forgetting to mention about the nice staff from Koenig Solutions like the Center Manager and her staff members, our instructors and so on, if we mention all, there will be no space in this page.

We really appreciated all the support, not only by remembering Koenig staff but also Hotel Fidalgo staff like our friendly driver Sandeep, the Cook Chief who managed to cook our traditional dish (Feijoada), the Hospitality Desk Representatives who were always very handy when we needed directions to go to places and luckily the Manager on Duty which was a lady who could also speak Portuguese.

So overall we believe that we were very lucky or fortunate. It was not so easy for us to visit some places in Goa because Boot Camp training got us busy from Monday to Saturday but at the same time we also managed to visit places like The Old Goa Church, The Farm Spice and during the night time, we spend some great moments in Cape Town Cafe, Titos Bar, Mambos, Curleys and Anjuna Beach also.

Beside the fun outside, we also had a lot of fun in Hotel Fidalgo where they held a variety of events. The Hotel accommodates four diverse restaurants and in my occasions they would have karaoke, also a very nice swimming pool. So when we were tight with exams, we could always relax a bit inside our premises.

After our wonderful experience, I would recommend anyone interested in Microsoft Certifications, Cisco, Red Hat or Oracle to give it a try at Koenig Solutions and without a doubt it will be rewarding. We honestly hope that in near future we can return to Koenig to do some more certifications in CCNA or in SharePoint Administrator training.

We would like to wish Koenig Solutions many years of success and Good Blessings from the Angolans who will never forget you.

Thank you Koenig for having us!

Etvaldo, Adilson and Isabel