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Natasha says…Being fairly new to the IT industry, my expectations of what I may gain were fairly pessimistic at first...

Natasha & Nadeem (United Kingdom), Master CIW Designer Certification;;MCTS .NET Framework 2.0 Web App. 11 Feb to 05 Apr 2009

Natasha says…

Being fairly new to the IT industry, my expectations of what I may gain were fairly pessimistic at first. Having no previous knowledge and starting a multiple certifications course in Master CIW Designer, MCTS: Web Developer & Sql Server 2005 had me a little skeptical. Fortunately, these thoughts were quashed from the moment I started.

The trainers at Koenig were not only incredibly knowledgeable, but were able to relay the information to me in such a way, that what would initially appear complicated would suddenly be so simple! They were very good at keeping me focused which, after two months of training, can be very hard. The course is fairly fast paced but somehow absorbable. I’m surprised at the amount I have taken in within such a short time.

I spent the duration of my course in Goa, first in a hotel and then in a service apartment. I would definitely recommend the latter. Not only did I manage to gain my qualifications, I also made some very good friends and had a bit of a holiday! There’s plenty to do in Goa, which is great, but also a huge distraction!

I would recommend Koenig to anyone interested, at any level, and if you choose to do the .Net Framework 2.0, I would definitely recommend our trainer. She somehow managed to make programming enjoyable. She breaks the formality between teacher and student and definitely makes the long hours worth it. I received a lot of support beyond my expectations and she was willing to go above and beyond her role to ensure I fully understood the course material.

I wish her luck with all in the future and hope to return to Koenig again.

Nadeem says…

Having come to Koenig before, I already had high expectations of the teaching provided, I again was not disappointed.

Being a fairly newcomer to .Net and C#, I was very happy with my trainer, she was able to teach the course in such a manner that I fully understood what was going on without being overwhelmed by the course material.

Although the course meant studying 9-5 Monday to Saturday, being in Goa meant that time off and evenings were pleasant with alot to do and with many places to relax.

I would happily recommend this course to others and suggest they also be taught by my trainer as she was able to have us work hard whilst also keeping the course interesting and enjoyable. I would also suggest to anyone to stay in the service appartments as its far more cosy and socialable as compared to the hotels.

All in all I have had a great time here and have learnt alot in a short time span, far more than I thought I would.