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(Nuno)I'm a System Administrator back in Portugal and i work mainly in Linux enviroments...

Nuno & Celia (portugal), Oracle9i DBA OCA & OCP 04 Sep to 24 Sep 2006


I'm a System Administrator back in Portugal and i work mainly in Linux enviroments. I've found about Koenig from a friend and decided, after a few friendly mails with Koenig staff to increase my DBA skills and enroll in an OCA & OCP fast track


I'm an Programer back in Portugal and i work with business utilities.I decided to come and have this course because i wanted to know improve my DBA skills. So i decided to use my vacations to do something different from what we are used to do during this period.

We decided to use our trip to India to see some the national monuments so we arranged our flight to arrive four days before the course start. We enjoyed those days to get used to the time diference, weather and to see the Taj Mahal. It's worth the trip to Agra to see the Taj and the Old Fort. They are impressive by their size and beauty.

After the brief holidays, we took a flight from New Delhi to Goa. At the airport, as promised, was a person who welcomed us to Goa.  A taxi was already there to take us to the hotel. The journey that takes about 30 minutes is very beautiful. We see the palmtrees, the ocean and local culture on the way to Panaji (the capital of the state and where we've stayed for the course).

As recomended by Mario (a friend from Portugal who also came to Goa to take the CCNP), we've stayed at the Fidalgo Hotel. It has 3 restaurants where you can find every type of food, a swimming pool (that was closed because it was the low season) and a very welcome staff. Though our main problem was getting used to the spicy food, in the hotel we found a few western dishes.

In the next morning, as every mornings, there was a taxi waiting to take us to the Koenig Center. There we were welcome by Maria and all the staff. They are very friendly and arranged everything so we could feel at home.

At the first sunday, Koenig arranjed us a trip to see some local monuments (the Aguada Fort) and some local beaches. We had a great day with the other students and techers and a few fotos.

Even tough the course is demanding, we've also used our stay in Goa to see the local culture, monuments and even bought a few gifts to take home. We've also found cheap IT books and didn't bought anymore because of the weight.

Don't think by our description that you'll have lots of free time. You'll have to work hard every day just to keep up, because the exams are allways there. We recomend that you take a few days after the course to do some tourism and relax for the boot camp.

We leave Goa with a new set of friends and with the perspective of returning later on.