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Hi, we’re Mike and Ivo from The Netherlands...

Ivo Lp Mesters & Mike Jg Meens (Hollend), SCJP & SCBCD;SCJP & SCDJWS 30 Jan to 10 Mar 2007

Hi, we’re Mike and Ivo from The Netherlands. We visited Koenig in Goa from 28th January 2007 to 11th March 2007 and left India on the 15th of March, after visiting Delhi for a couple of days.

We decided to take a two-on-one Java Bootcamp (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCDJWS) at Koenig Solutions because it was recommended to us by a colleague of ours who took the same bootcamp about 6 months earlier. Before beginning this bootcamp, we did not have any work experience with Java at all that’s why we decided to take the regular track.

Our first course, SCJP, started at January 30th. For a complete newbie to Java, which one of us was, this proved to be the most difficult course without any pre-knowledge of the language, you have to master it completely in only 10 days, which was quite a challenge. After talking to the Koenig staff about this, they decided to launch a complete new Java course, the Career Enabler program, which allows a student to take more time mastering the language basics and some practical elements where added to it to learn using it as well. Finally, we both managed to clear the exam and continued with the next three courses.

The next three courses, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCDJWS, are more hands on compared to SCJP. Where SCJP is about learning the language itself, the next three are more about using that language to build (components of) applications. Because of this, we found these courses less difficult compared to SCJP.

After 6 weeks of studying almost day and night, we cleared the last exam on March 10th, which felt quite good because of all the hard work and energy we put in to it.

We were very impressed by the knowledge level and commitment of trainers for SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCDJWS. We never met people with such an amount of knowledge about a particular subject as they do. They could almost immediately answer virtually every question we asked them without even having to look at some kind of reference: they just knew! This was quite astonishing for us as we had never experienced something like it with any course we took in the Netherlands before coming to Koenig.

The staff at the office in Goa is wonderful. They will help you with everything. If you have a question or if there are problem,they will always find a solution. You can really rely on them. Besides of there good work, they are also very nice to just talk to. Everybody is smiling all the time and it seems that they really enjoy what they’re doing. They will make your stay as comfortable as can be.

While in Goa, we stayed at the Fidalgo hotel at the hart of Panaji. It was really a great hotel with good service, a nice staff and 6 restaurants (of which we only visited one, the Chilli and Spice, because we liked it so much there great food and great staff). We even had a private pool there, because for like 6 weeks we were the only two using it around 4 or 5 pm.

Before leaving India, we went to Delhi for three days as we wanted to see the city and the Taj Mahal (which is in Agra, a city quite near to Delhi) while we’re in India. Delhi and Agra is a different world compared to Goa: for instance, when we arrived in Goa, we thought the traffic was very chaotic in Panaji But after visiting Delhi, you realise Goan traffic is actually pretty quiet and organized Overall, we really liked visiting the Taj Mahal and seeing Delhi and Agra, as there are lots of beautiful sites to visit and it provided us a way to see the “other India”, because Goa is really a different kind of India compared to Delhi and Agra. It also gave us some time to see (a part of) India without having to think about studying too after all those weeks of hard studying.