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As we think back from the one-and-a-half months we spent at Koenig Goa, our mind is filled with memories,...

Siti Zubaidah Suhali & Voon Sew Ping (brunei), MCPD: Web & Windows Developer 21 May to 30 Jun 2007

As we think back from the one-and-a-half months we spent at Koenig Goa, our mind is filled with memories, happy, sad, frustrating, and even humorous. Here, we would especially like to thank our upmost appreciation to all of the Koenig staff members who always seemed to be there when confused students like us needed help.


First of all, going back to the beginning, we were welcomed at the airport by Koenig driver. He is a very nice guy who greets us cheerfully, regardless of waiting for us at the airport for nearly 1.5hours due to our flight delay. Well, a wonderful good start, isn’t it?

After checking into the hotel in Panjim and settling into our rooms, we received a friendly call from Koenig Manager, inquiring on our trip and if everything is all right? Being a foreigner in a new country, we were deeply touched by the concerned shown to us ( Note: we arrived on Sunday whereby no one is working). Right at that moment, we just feel that we have made the right choice in agreeing to come to GOA.


Throughout the bootcamp, we stayed at the Delmon Hotel, which was situated strategically in the city of Panjim. Besides the noise pollution from the road, the hotel was fine, fully equipped with the basic necessities. Moreover, retail stores and restaurants are just within walking distance from the hotel, it is so convenient for us to buy anything we want.

The hotel staffs were nice and friendly and everyone was courteous and eager to assist us with anything that we needed.


The classes were held in well-equipped air-conditioned room, whereby all the IT facilities required for the course was there. Every day, mineral water and lunch was delivered to the class for us without having to ask for it, we are being treated like queen here. Additionally, there is a dining-room available, whereby students can get together to have their lunch.

Besides having a pantry room with free flow of tea and coffee, the facility also has a “drinks site”, consisting of a refrigrator fill up with all types of soft drinks. Furthermore, the place is being cleaned daily, so, you will never find yesterday lunch boxes lying around the room. Overall, the facility was in a satisfying condition and the services provided by the staffs to the students were excellent.


At the beginning of our course, we remember thinking the course was just too hard for us and that we would never be able to complete it. However, today, we are MCPD in Web, Windows and Enterprise. We owe this success to our instructor. He is a well-organized and very knowledgeable instructor who knows the subject thoroughly. Besides teaching us the concept of .NET programming, he also teaches us how to tackle the exam and explain to us real-life scenarios which we will be facing as a future software developer. Being a newbie in the field, this overview and different perspectives on the subject really build up our interest on software programming. Not to mention the immediate reflex response we always get on every question we fired at him. It is incredible to always get a well satisfying answer out of him with further clarification on the topic.

Simultaneously, we would also like to give credit and thank the hardworking, Prometric exam staff who is always there to provide us with the exam at any odd time we choose to carry out our exam. Besides being pleasant to everyone, she is always friendly and constantly there to entertain/ humor us in order to make us feel more welcomed at Koenig.

Furthermore, the services provided by Koenig staff in Goa is fantastic, they smile all the time and you will just feel like you are part of the big happy family. They will always try their best to make your stay comfortable by solving any troubles that you come to encounter.

Fun Time

During our course here, we have come across with a lot of fabulous people from different parts of the world. Although, our main intention in Koenig is to study but we also manage to find time to enjoy ourselves. This brings us back to the memories on an evening clubbing outing at Hotel Marriott, arranged by one of the Koenig student. We had a lot of fun that night and every one was in high spirits enjoying themselves.


Most of the time, we ordered room service from the hotel due to our aim on putting more study time. The food from the hotel was nothing special but it does give us the opportunity to try out different types of authentic Goa and Indian cuisines along the way. Whenever we wanted a change in our menu, we would go to the restaurants nearby such as the “Chili and Spice” or “Legacy of Bombay” located at the Fidalgo Hotel.

In conclusion, studying in Koenig Goa is a lifetime experience we would never forget. The hospitality shown by the Koenig staffs will always be remembered. Besides learning and getting our MCPD certification with flying colours, we also had a brief insight of the Goa culture. We hope to have a second opportunity to visit Goa in the future as a tourist as well as a returning student.