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I Mr Orrin Edwards attended an MCSE 2003 and a CCNA course at Koenig Solutions in October 2007...

Mathew Robert White & Orrin Edwards (United Kingdom), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA);MCSE 2003 01 Oct to 27 Oct 2007

I Mr Orrin Edwards attended an MCSE 2003 and a CCNA course at Koenig Solutions in October 2007. Initially I and a friend (Mr Mathew White) were going to attend the Fast Track MCSE 2003 on separate courses. We had decided to approach Koenig to find out if they would consider 1 on 2 training so that we could train together with 1 instructor. Koenig advised that they could accommodate this request and a price reduction was agreed.

I and my friend had passed 2 exams each, a combination from the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Windows Tracks. These exams were all eligible to count towards the Windows 2003 Track.

In hindsight we should have advised Koenig so that they could take this into consideration so that the delivery of training could be amended so make the course more beneficial to our needs avoiding repeating any of the courses we had already completed previously.

Having arrived on the day at the training centre we had mentioned the fact that we had already passed some exams previously. To Koenig, this was potentially an issue regarding re-structuring the course to suit our circumstances. I was really impressed with the way that the situation was not going to be a problem at all! We started the course and within a day arrangements were being made to change the course and exam schedules. Within 2 days of the start of the course the schedule was re-structured without any inconvenience to us.

The CCNA course I attended was booked at the end of the MCSE course at short notice demonstrating how flexible Koenig are and their responsive approach to customer service.

What can I say about Koenig and the training environment? Well the training centre is arranged into Labs with air-conditioning, with a room for students to eat lunch and there is Internet access provided in the classrooms.

A concern I guess is the potential language barrier, well the trainers speak very good English and I'm sure secretly they're slowly picking up some of the English slang and non queens English that floats around now and again!

Another important aspect of the training environment is outside of the training centre, the social aspects (well you can't be studying 24 hours a day!) which aids the learning process! We stayed at the Fidalgo, a really nice Hotel with really nice and helpful staff, the food is very good with a few very nice restaurants to choose from. We had got together on a few occasions (trying to remember the fact that we're here to get taught something) with some of the other students and headed North of Panjim to Baga beach where some of the night life resides.

Back to Koenig, I really enjoyed the training delivered by our instructor who was full of course knowledge and was always happy and willing to learn from our life experiences in IT. We did have a laugh but still at the end got the job done and left with our certification.

2 questions remain, would I recommend Koenig to others and would I return, well without any hesitation what so ever I answer yes to both!