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Hi, this is Sreeja Balakrishnan & Prasad Akella from Germany...

Sreeja Balakrishnan & Prasad Akella (Germany), MCPD:  ASP.Net Developer 3.5 08 Jun to 19 Jun 2009

Hi, this is Sreeja Balakrishnan & Prasad Akella from Germany. We would like to share our wonderful experience with Koenig Solutions in Simla where we took up the course MCPD: ASP.Net Developer Boot Camp Training (.Net 3.5) in June 2009. Being an Indian and working in Germany, we consider ourselves lucky to have had the chance to take up our training at Koenig solutions - SIMLA since it is only meant for foreign students. The main target was to simply improve our skills in ASP.Net Web Programming. We opted for the fast track and were initially worried about the vast number of topics that had to be covered in such a short span of time. We were wondering if we would be able to sit from morning till evening trying to absorb as much as possible.

Once the training started, we can thankfully say that our trainer handled everything perfectly. She has very good knowledge of the subject and the manner in which she imparted the knowledge made it easy for us to learn quickly and the process was a whole lot of fun. She was less formal and more of a friend with whom one could easily discuss concepts and gain as much knowledge as possible. Frankly speaking we only expected the trainer to provide pure bookish knowledge but to our surprise she could also answer all our questions related to real-time projects and she came up with chunks of code and small demos to help us understand it in a much better way. This gave us the confidence to clear our exams and some of the problems we faced during our programming at work and the exchange of knowledge was amazing. We had some really entertaining technical discussions covering wide range of real time issues.

The environment at Koenig was very conducive for knowledge gathering and sharing. The network was well handled and the personnel (technical, support & administrative) were very helpful. The staff at the institute was very friendly and they took care of every small detail like pickup, lunch, local information. Everyone right from the Center Manager to our driver were very friendly and extremely cooperating - they organized a rafting trip for us, took us out for a trekking experience and We were also invited for a wedding of one of the trainers and had a taste of the local Himalayan culture.

We stayed at Willow Bank, Shimla and found the hotel services good. The hotel being situated on the Mall road was really great for shopping and taking small walks in the evenings. There is a lot more to do in Shimla and nice places to visit making the training duration both informative and a pleasurable experience.  We are also happy that we made some very good friends and met students from different countries. Lunch time at Koenig was a nice opportunity to sit down talk and share experiences.

We whole heartedly thank our trainer in particular and everyone at Koenig Simla as a whole for making this training experience a wonderful experience. We would definitely recommend Koenig to all those who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge level.

Best Regards,
Sreeja Balakrishnan
Prasad Akella