Data Storage Training & Certifications Course

Data Storage Training & Certifications Course
Data Storage Training & Certifications Course

The digital era has brought with itself huge volumes of data that continues to accumulate at a rapid rate. Therefore, data storage is a challenge not many are proficient in handling. Koenig’s portfolio of data storage courses and training programs will impart core skills to individuals seeking a career in data storage. According to Forrester’s research, the storage requirements of companies are growing at a rate of 15-25% every year. Therefore, to meet this demand, the industry needs qualified and certified professionals who are capable of managing this burgeoning demand.

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Other Certification & Training Courses

Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management (RH436) 4 1-4 Oct 2018, 8-11 Oct 2018, 5-8 Nov 2018, 3-6 Dec 2018 $ 3,080
Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration 3 On Request On Request
Storage and High Availability with Windows Server 4 1-4 Oct 2018, 5-8 Nov 2018 $ 680
IBM Cognos Framework 5 15-19 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018, 3-7 Dec 2018 $ 1,700
VNX Unified Storage Management 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 On Request
Red Hat Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018, 3-7 Dec 2018 $ 1,720
SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 $ 1,700
Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) On Request On Request
VNX Unified Storage Deployment and Management 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 On Request
VNX Block Storage Deployment and Management 0 On Request On Request
VNX File Storage Deployment and Management 0 On Request On Request

Oracle Solaris Cloud / Storage

download Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Administration 5 15-19 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018, 26-30 Nov 2018, 3-7 Dec 2018, 24-28 Dec 2018 $ 2,510
download Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration 4 8-11 Oct 2018, 15-18 Oct 2018, 5-8 Nov 2018, 3-6 Dec 2018 $ 1,170
download Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems 4 On Request On Request
download Oracle Solaris 11 Building Private Clouds 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 890
download Oracle Storage Fundamental 2 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 $ 570
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Data Storage Quick Facts

  • An average salary of data storage professionals is $102,000, ranging between $74,217 and $140,000.
  • 79% IT professionals reveal that managing the exponential growth of data and its storage is their main area of concern.
  • The requirement for data storage professionals is rising at the rate of 40% per year.

Who Should Do the Data Storage Training Courses

Data storage training at Koenig Solutions is highly useful for freshers, as well as storage professionals. Most of the courses are designed for IT professionals or those who want to gain expertise in data storage and land up with appealing career opportunities in this area. By pursuing a course with us, the newbies or experienced professionals can plan, implement and manage the right enterprise storage solutions while saving business costs.


Although each of our courses on data storage comes with its own prerequisite, the following are some general requirements applicable to most of our programs: Some of our courses may also require candidates to have some work experience, such as in supporting and configuring a client operating system. Similarly, a few courses can be done after obtaining certifications from other courses. Thus, it is important for the candidates to check the exact prerequisite for a chosen course before planning to pursue it.

  • A basic understanding of computer architecture, storage systems, and storage best practices
  • Knowledge of networking concepts and protocols like TCP/IP
  • Working knowledge of operating systems networking, server hardware, and databases
  • Basic Microsoft Windows/UNIX administration skills

Benefits of Data Storage Course

After doing our data storage courses, the candidates will be able to handle the following tasks in an expert manner: With expertise in the above-mentioned areas, the learners will be able to turn into professionals who can offer high-quality storage solutions to enterprises and ensure customer satisfaction. They can install and deploy secure solutions in both physical and virtualized environments.

  • Managing installation, computer, and storage for several environments
  • Architecting and deploying varied storage networking solutions
  • Administering storage/cloud infrastructure
  • Managing storage resources and securing the stored information
  • Taking advanced decisions in a complex IT environment
  • Managing risks while deploying storage solutions


What is Data Storage?

Simply put, Data storage is preserving data in a systematic way. Now, the storage of the data can be on a cloud, a device (phone, laptop) or a server. With the high volume of data being churned out, data storage training is gaining traction. Data Storage courses will help you gain comprehensive abilities in designing, implementation and management with regards to data storage.

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