Veritas Volume Manager Administration 6.0 for RHEL Training

Veritas Volume Manager Administration 6.0 for RHEL Certification Training Course Overview

Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is a storage management subsystem that allows you to manage physical disks and logical unit numbers (LUNs) as logical devices called volumes. VxVM provides easy-to-use online disk storage management for computing environments and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments. By supporting the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) model, VxVM can be configured to protect against disk and hardware failure, and to increase I/O throughput.

In the Koenig course for Veritas Volume Manager (Storage Foundation 5.1) administration for Solaris, you learn to integrate, operate, and make the most of Veritas Volume Manager (Storage Foundation), including Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and Veritas File System (VxFS), in a Linux environment. Knowledge of Linux system administration is a prerequisite for Veritas Volume Manager Administration.

Veritas Volume Manager Administration 6.0 for RHEL Training (Duration : 24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introducing Storage Foundation
  • Overview of Storage Foundation
  • How Veritas File System works
  • How Veritas Volume Manager works
  • How Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing works
Module 2: Provisioning storage
  • Provisioning new storage
  • Advanced allocation methods for configuring storage
  • Creating and mounting VxFS file systems
  • Extent attributes
Module 3: Administering multi-pathing with DMP
  • Administering Dynamic Multi-Pathing
  • Dynamic reconfiguration of devices
  • Managing devices
  • Event monitoring
Module 4: Optimizing I/O performance
  • Veritas File System I/O
  • Veritas Volume Manager I/O
Module 5: Using Point-in-time copies
  • Understanding point-in-time copy methods
  • Administering volume snapshots
  • Administering Storage Checkpoints
  • Administering FileSnaps
  • Administering snapshot file systems
Module 6: Optimizing thin storage with Storage Foundation
  • Understanding thin storage solutions in Storage Foundation
  • Migrating data from thick storage to thin storage
  • Migrating data from thick storage to thin storage
Module 7: Maximizing storage utilization
  • Understanding storage tiering with SmartTier
  • Creating and administering volume sets
  • Multi-volume file systems
  • Administering SmartTier
  • Administering hot-relocation
  • Deduplicating data on Solaris SPARC
  • Compressing files
Module 8: Reference
  • Managing storage
  • Rootability
  • Quotas
  • File Change Log
  • Reverse path name lookup
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Course Prerequisites
  • RHCE.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Administering volume snapshots.
  • Administering Storage Checkpoints.
  • Administering FileSnaps.
  • Administering snapshot file systems.
  • Creating and mounting VxFS file systems.
  • Administering Dynamic Multi-Pathing.

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