Red Hat OpenShift Administration III: Scaling Kubernetes Deployments in the Enterprise Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Openshift container Platform?(Choose Two)

Answer :
  • It's a container orchestration platform

Which utility ensures that all nodes run a copy of pod?

Answer :
  • Daemon set

Which command is used to check the details of Openshift?

Answer :
  • oc describe node

Which of the two following objects get created by the advanced installer for the integrated registry storage? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • A persistent volume claim.
  • A persistent volume.

Which command is used to give role?

Answer :
  • oc adm policy

How does Kubernetes solve the issue of service discovery using environment variables?

Answer :
  • Kubernetes automatically injects environment variables for all services in a given namespace into all the pods running on that same namespace.

A company is migrating their PHP and Python applications running on the same host to a new architecture. Due to internal policies, both are using a set of custom-made shared libraries from the OS, but the latest update applied to them as a result of a Python development team request broke the PHP application. Which two architectures would provide the best support for both applications? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • Deploy each application to different VMs and apply the custom-made shared libraries individually to each VM host.
  • Deploy each application to different containers and apply the custom-made shared libraries individually to each container.

Which scc allow us to create containers with privileges?

Answer :
  • anyuid

What are two advantages of using the standalone S2I process as an alternative to Dockerfiles? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • Creates smaller container images, having fewer layers.
  • Reuses high-quality builder images.

What is S2I?

Answer :
  • used to create images by source code