R12.x Oracle HRMS Compensation Workbench and Salary Configuration

R12.x Oracle HRMS Compensation Workbench and Salary Configuration Certification Training Course Overview

The course on R12.x Oracle HRMS Compensation Workbench and Salary Configuration will teach students how to process and administer the employees’ payment in an organization. In this course, students will be taught about the procedures related to awards, absences, and salary management in an organization.

The modules in this course fall into the following three groups, which can be completed in any sequence:

  • Salary and Progression and Grade Pay.
  • Awards and Compensation Management.
  • Absence and Leave Management.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Salary, Awards, and Absences
  • Introduction to Salary, Awards, and Absences
  • Administering salaries
  • Mapping compensation surveys
  • Using Grade/Step progression
  • Learning about Compensation Workbench
  • Understanding Individual Compensation Distribution
  • Understanding Total Compensation Managing
  • Absences
Module 2: Implementing Salary Administration
  • Implementing Salary Administration
  • Setting up Salary Administration
  • Creating salary elements
  • Defining Salary basis
  • Creating salary components
  • Understanding predefined salary components
  • Understanding salary approvals
Module 3: Using Salary Administration
  • Using Salary Administration
  • Assigning salary basis
  • Entering salaries
  • Proposing salary changes
  • Correcting/deleting salary records
  • Reviewing salaries
  • Using the Salary Management Folder
  • Web ADI and Salary Management
Module 4: Grades and Pay Administration
  • Grades and Pay Administration - Overview
  • Learning about models of pay administration
  • Understanding grade implementation approaches
  • Understanding Non-automatic step progression approach
  • Setting up Grade/Step progression
  • Setting up grade ladder
  • Administering grade/step progression
  • Making manual grade step progression
Module 5: Configuring Criteria-Based Rates for Variable Pay
  • Why use Criteria-Based rates?
  • Setting up Criteria-based rate
  • Eligibility criteria for criteria-based rates
  • Defining criteria rate
  • Setting up rate matrix
Module 6: Performing Compensation Surveys
  • Understanding compensation surveys
  • Compensation survey identifier
  • Entering compensation surveys
  • Defining compensation survey lines
  • Mapping compensation survey lines
Module 7: Compensation Workbench (CWB)
  • Overivew
  • Understanding compensation workbench
  • Setting up CWB plans
  • Setting up global plans, component plans, and combination plans
  • Define steps to display market salary survey data
  • Controlling access and eligibility in compensation workbench
Module 8: Worksheet and Budget Sheet Configuration in Compensation Workbench
  • Displaying rates
  • Validating jobs, grades, and positions
  • Displaying columns
  • Configuring flexfields
  • Configuring custom and dynamic columns
  • Displaying performance appraisal details in CWB
Module 9: Compensation Workbench Plan Administration
  • Opening a Compensation Workbench Award Cycle
  • Publishing budgets
  • Adding individuals into a started compensation workbench cycle
  • Writing allocated amounts from the compensation workbench cycle
  • Refreshing compensation workbench data
  • Generating mass notifications
  • Generating compensation workbench reports for managers
  • Generating compensation workbench reports for administrators
Module 10: Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD)
  • ICD for administrators, HR Professionals, and line managers
  • ICD plan administration
  • Creating ICD plans using Quick Setup
  • Assigning awards using ICD
  • Approval chain for ICD
  • Using the Employee Administration portal for ICD transactions
Module 11: Configuring Total Compensation Statement
  • Categorizing a compensation statement
  • Explaining total compensation statement
  • Deciding on compensation source
  • Setting up total compensation statement
  • Processing total compensation statements
Module 12: Vehicle and Mileage processing
  • Vehicle repository entry process
  • Vehicle allocation process
  • Mileage claims process
  • Setting up mileage claims
Module 13: Setting up Absence Management
  • Absence management components
  • Defining absence elements
  • Setting up absence management
  • Absence entry and reporting
Module 14: Understanding the Accrual Plan Structure
  • Accrual plan rules
  • Configuring plans rules
  • Setting up PTO accrual plans
  • Administering accrual plans
  • Enrolling employees in accrual plans
  • Viewing accrual information
  • Adapting the predefined accrual formulas and rules
  • Understanding accrual formulas
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Course Prerequisites
  • Working experience with Oracle HRMS Applications R12
  • Knowledge of HRMS Business requirements

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Classify the compensation management tools that Oracle HRMS offers and elucidate their features.
  • Classify salary components, salary elements, and salary basis.
  • Learn how to set up pay scales, grade rates, and scale rates. Configure criteria based rates. 
  • Exhibit how to manage salary changes.
  • Learn how to set up absence elements and types.
  • Comprehend the grade progression business procedure.
  • Configure total compensation statement.
  • Exhibit how to set up grade ladders.
  • Demonstrate how to employ Compensation Workbench.
  • Illustrate how to assign vehicles to employees.
  • Comprehend the employee accruals.
  • Exhibit how to enter and sustain compensation survey data.

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