R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals Course Overview

R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals Course Overview

The R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the Oracle Field Service module within the Oracle E-Business Suite. This course delves into the intricacies of managing field service operations, from creating a field service task to scheduling, dispatching, and debriefing field technicians. It covers essential topics like the service request to resolution process, managing parts and inventory through Oracle Spares Management, and utilizing advanced tools such as the Oracle Field Service Dispatch Center and Technician Portal.

Learners will gain practical knowledge on setting up field service resources, managing territories, and implementing preventive maintenance strategies. The course also emphasizes on integrating mobile solutions and Google Maps for real-time scheduling and tracking. Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the skills to optimize field service operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency using the Oracle Field Service suite. This course is ideal for implementers and end-users seeking to enhance their field service management capabilities.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure you gain the maximum benefit from the R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals course, the following are the minimum required prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) navigation and general understanding of the Oracle Applications framework.
  • Familiarity with service-based business processes and terminology, particularly in the context of field service operations.
  • Understanding of the core concepts of customer service and experience with service request management is advantageous.
  • Basic computer literacy, including proficiency with web browsers and office productivity software such as Microsoft Office.
  • Any prior exposure to Oracle's Field Service module or previous experience in field service management roles can be helpful but is not mandatory.

This course is designed to accommodate learners with a foundational understanding of business processes and Oracle systems. It is structured to guide you through the intricacies of Oracle Field Service, regardless of whether you have direct experience in the field.

Target Audience for R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals

The R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals course is tailored for IT professionals involved in field service operations and management.

  • IT Managers overseeing field service applications
  • Field Service Technicians and Engineers
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Implementers and Consultants
  • Technical Support Staff for field service software
  • Operations Managers with a focus on service delivery
  • Service Desk Analysts and Coordinators
  • ERP Analysts with a focus on field service modules
  • Field Service Operations Analysts
  • System Administrators responsible for Oracle applications
  • Business Analysts seeking to understand field service processes
  • Project Managers involved in Oracle Field Service implementations
  • Supply Chain Managers dealing with spares management
  • Scheduling Coordinators responsible for technician dispatch
  • IT Professionals looking to specialize in field service solutions
  • Oracle Applications Users involved in service-related tasks
  • Continuous Improvement Specialists in service management

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals?

Introduction to Course Learning Outcomes:

Gain in-depth knowledge of Oracle Field Service with a course designed to teach you the end-to-end processes, from service requests to task resolution, including setups, dispatch, scheduling, and spares management.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the Oracle Service Suite and the service request to resolution process, ensuring comprehensive knowledge of creating and managing field service tasks.
  • Learn the dispatch to debrief process, including essential steps such as scheduling, executing, and closing a field service task.
  • Get familiar with the prerequisite setups for Oracle E-Business Suite and their impact on the field service processes.
  • Acquire skills to configure and manage Field Service Resources, Territories, and Scheduling, enhancing efficiency in task assignment.
  • Utilize skills for scheduling field service tasks based on technicians' skills and availability to optimize service quality.
  • Implement and use the Oracle Field Service Dispatch Center, learning dispatcher tasks and how to manage schedules using integrated tools like Google Maps.
  • Set up and leverage the Advanced Scheduler for efficient task selection and scheduling, understanding the importance of trip optimization.
  • Navigate the Technician Portal and Debrief process, ensuring accurate recording of service details and customer interactions.
  • Configure and utilize Oracle Spares Management for effective parts logistics, ordering, and inventory management.
  • Master the setup and use of the Field Service Administrator Portal, including debrief and charges correction processes.