R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals Ed 1

R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

Enroll for the 3-days R12.2 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals Ed 1 training and certification course from Koenig solutions accredited by Oracle.

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.2 or 12.2

In this course, you will learn the position of Field Service in the Service Suite and how it integrates with and leverages the other service modules. You will also learn how Field Service integrates with other E-Business Suite applications, how to set up Field Service resources, and what are the functions and limitations of these resources.

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • End User
  • Implementer

 Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will learn the following:

  • Set up R12.1 Oracle Field Service
  • Identify the features of Oracle Field Service
  • Describe how Oracle Field Service integrates with the Oracle eBusiness Service Suite and other Oracle eBusiness Suite applications
  • Understand the impacts of key implementation decisions

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Course Modules

Module 1: Overview of Field Service
  • The Service Suite
  • The Service Request to Resolution Process
  • Creating a Field Service Task
  • The Dispatch to Debrief Process
  • Scheduling a Field Service Task
  • Executing a Field Service Task
  • Debrief Components
  • Closing a Field Service Task and Request
Module 2: Prerequisite E-Business Suite Setups and Integrations
  • Mandatory and Recommended Implementations
  • Field Service: Mobile
  • Prerequisite Common Application Components
  • Prerequisite Setups for Creating, Scheduling, and Completing a Task
  • Responsibilities of the Field Service Implementer
Module 3: Oracle Field Service Implementation
  • Setting up Field Service Resources
  • Setting up Territories and Scheduling
  • Using Skills for Scheduling
  • Generating Trips
  • Implementing Preventive Maintenance
  • Scheduling Tasks Longer than a Standard Shift
Module 4: Implementing and Using the Oracle Field Service Dispatch Center
  • Dispatcher Tasks in Service Resolution
  • Dispatch Center Right-Click Menus
  • Managing Schedules and Trips
  • Google Maps and GPS in Scheduling
  • Dispatch Center Setups
Module 5: Setting Up and Using Field Service Advanced Scheduler
  • Advanced Scheduler Key Features
  • Selecting and Scheduling Tasks
  • Finding Eligible Technicians for Tasks
  • Scheduling Cost Options
  • Parts Order
  • Understanding Trip Optimization
  • Advanced Scheduler Parameter Setups
Module 6: Setting Up and Using Field Service Technician Portal and Debrief
  • Technician Tasks in Service Resolution
  • Features of the Technician Portal
  • Parts Order for a Task
  • Parts Order for Trunk Stock Replenishment
  • Debrief Components
  • Debrief and Post-Deb
  • Debrief Setup
  • Task Status Transition Flow
Module 7: Setting Up and Using Oracle Spares Management
  • Spares Management Supply Chain
  • Field Service Logistics
  • Usable, Excess, and Defective Parts
  • Technician Priority Orders
  • Parts Search and Ordering
  • Part Priority
Module 8: Setting Up and Using Field Service Administrator Portal
  • Administrator Tasks in Service Resolution
  • Administrator Portal: Key Features
  • Administrator Portal Setup
  • Debrief Correction Process
  • Charges Correction Process
Module 9: Appendix: Profile Options and Scheduling Parameters for Field Service
  • Setting Up Profile Options
  • Dispatch Center Profile Options
  • Advanced Scheduler Rules and Parameters
  • Scheduler Cost and Window to Promise Parameters
  • Debrief Profile Options
  • Spares Profile Option for Excess and Defective Returns
Module 10: Summary of R12.1 Oracle Field Service Fundamentals
  • Overview of Field Service
  • Debrief Process
  • Setting Up Field Service Resources
  • Setting Up Territories and Scheduling
  • Setting Up and Using the Dispatch Center
  • Setting Up and Using the Technician Portal
  • Setting Up and Using the Administrator Portal
  • Oracle Field Service Learning Path
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Course Prerequisites

Basic Computer Knowledge