R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals Course Overview

R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals Course Overview

The R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip learners with the skills to manage procurement contracts within the Oracle Advanced Procurement suite. This course covers the entire procure-to-pay lifecycle, emphasizing the integration of procurement contracts with other applications, including Purchasing and iSupplier Portal. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of contract life cycle management, benefits of using Oracle Procurement Contracts, the different types of contracts, and how to establish contract standards.

Through the lessons, learners will delve into the Contracts Terms Library, learn about authoring and negotiating contract terms, and explore the contract lifecycle from authoring purchasing contracts to implementing Oracle Procurement Contracts in the Buyer’s Work Center. This oracle procurement training will provide essential knowledge for obtaining oracle procurement certification, ensuring users can effectively create, manage, and integrate contracts within the Oracle environment, thereby enhancing procurement processes and compliance within their organizations.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals course, participants should ideally have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of the procure-to-pay business process and its lifecycle.
  • Familiarity with Oracle E-Business Suite navigation and general functionality.
  • Some experience or knowledge of purchasing and procurement processes within an organization.
  • Awareness of contract management principles and their importance in procurement.
  • Ability to use a computer with internet access to participate in online training sessions.

Please note that these prerequisites are aimed at providing a baseline for the course and are not intended to be exhaustive. Individuals with a keen interest in learning about Oracle Procurement Contracts and a willingness to engage with the course material are encouraged to enroll.

Target Audience for R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals

The R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals course caters to professionals managing procurement processes and contract lifecycles.

  • Procurement Managers
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Contract Administrators
  • Purchasing Officers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Oracle ERP Consultants specializing in procurement
  • Procurement Operations Specialists
  • Vendor Management Specialists
  • Compliance Officers in Procurement Departments
  • Legal Advisors overseeing procurement contracts
  • IT Professionals responsible for implementing Oracle Procurement solutions
  • Financial Controllers with oversight of procurement processes
  • Business Analysts involved in procurement systems
  • Project Managers overseeing procurement system upgrades or implementations

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals?

  1. Introduction: The R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals course is designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge of contract lifecycle management within the Oracle Advanced Procurement Suite, covering authoring, negotiation, and implementation.

  2. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the procure-to-pay lifecycle and how procurement contracts integrate with other applications in the Oracle Advanced Procurement Suite.
  • Learn the benefits of Oracle Procurement Contracts and how they can improve contract lifecycle management within an organization.
  • Gain insight into various types of contracts and the standard procurement contract solutions offered by Oracle.
  • Explore the Contracts Terms Library, including its structure, contents, and advantages for contract standardization.
  • Develop skills to create, negotiate, and manage procurement contracts using standard templates and clauses.
  • Master the authoring process for purchasing contracts, including the steps for updating and deleting variables and creating deliverables.
  • Familiarize with the Buyer’s Work Center and learn to set up document styles and implement multi-organization access control within Oracle Procurement Contracts.
  • Understand the mandatory setups and implementation sequence for successful deployment of Oracle Procurement Contracts.
  • Learn to manage contract authoring setup, including defining levels of access and running clause concurrent programs.
  • Acquire knowledge on the XML interface for clause import setup and process, enabling efficient data management and system integration.