R12.x Oracle HRMS Self Service Fundamentals

R12.x Oracle HRMS Self Service Fundamentals Certification Training Course Overview

Oracle HRMS Self Service fundamentals course teaches us the tools used with SSHR (Workflow Builder, Personalization Framework, Oracle Approvals Management) and offers the data on how to use these tools to configure SSHR to meet our business necessities. In addition, the course covers common SSHR functions and confers on how we can use these functions in our organization.

Audience: This course is a hands-on SSHR that will reinforce the knowledge of Technical Consultant and Functional Implementer.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to SSHR
  • Overview
  • Understanding Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR)
  • Understanding Professional User Interfaces versus Self-Service User Interface
  • Understanding Integration of SSHR and Professional User Interface
  • Learning about Self-Service Functionality in HRMS
  • Integration of SSHR with a Third-Party Application
  • Learning about Configuration Tools for SSHR
Module 2: Self-Service Basics
  • SSHR Basics
  • Understanding e-Business Suite Architecture
  • Understanding Operation of Web-Based Functions
  • Understanding Operation of Web-Based Functions
Module 3: User Access and Security
  • Understanding User Access and Security in SSHR
  • Defining User Access
  • Comparing Employee/Worker and Manager Access
  • Creating Users
  • Associating User with Person
Module 4: User Access to People
  • Understanding User Access to People in SSHR
  • Using Security Profiles
  • Using the Release Information Function
  • Searching for People
  • Using the SSHR My List page
  • Using the Change Manager Function and Hierarchy Page
Module 5: Implementation Steps
  • Understanding SSHR Implementation Steps
  • Preparing Environment for SSHR
  • Configuring HRMS Applications
  • Understanding User Access Setup
  • Configuring Workflow Processes and Page Layouts
Module 6: Configuring SSHR
  • Configuring Menus and Responsibilities
  • Configuring Functions
  • Adding Custom Functions to Menus
  • Adding Custom Functions
  • Adding Custom Functions to Menus
  • Changing the Manager Entry Pages
Module 7: Using the Workflow Builder
  • Working with the Workflow Builder
  • Working with Workflow Item Types
  • Changing Workflow Objects
  • Chaining Workflow Processes
  • Chaining Self-Service Activities
  • Changing a Process Flow
Module 8: Configuring Web Page Layouts
  • Configuring Self-Service Web Pages
  • Understanding Personalization Levels
  • Using the Global Personalize Page Link
  • Adding User Tips and Instructions
  • Personalizing Logos
Module 9: Approvals
  • Understanding Approvals in Oracle SSHR
  • Enabling Dynamic Approvals
  • Working with Approvals
  • Creating an AME Rule
  • Understanding Approvals Routing
  • Understanding Approval Considerations
Module 10: Using SSHR
  • Managing Dates
  • Managing Conflicting Actions
  • Using the Document Manager
  • Setting Up a Generic ID for New Employee Registration
Module 11: Integration with Third-Party Information Providers
  • Integrating SSHR with Third-Party Information Providers
  • Accessing Third-Party Information from the Self -Service Pages
  • Enabling the Info Online Functionality
  • Setting up Links Between Oracle Self-Service HR and Enwisen
Module 12: Advanced Topics
  • Understanding Employee Directory
  • Understanding Responsibility Ownership
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Implement Oracle SSHR
  • Configure elements of SSHR to suit our necessities
  • Use the related tools
  • Configure approvals
  • Work with common SSHR functions
  • Access Info from a third-party application.

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