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R Programming course at Koenig will help developers understand the nuances of programming with R and its implementation for Data Science and Advanced Big Data Analytics. This R programming training provides hands-on experience along with practical use cases approach, which outlines R as a useful programming tool for catering to practical data science problems. With this R training, participants will learn to load data, write functions, assemble and disassemble data objects, traverse R’s environment, and make use of R programming tools.

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Schedule & Prices

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Fees Schedule
Instructor-Led Online Training (1-on-1) Client's Home/Office5 Days $ 1,740 As per mutual convenience (4-Hours Evenings & Weekends Possible
Classroom Training * Dubai 5 Days $ 2,640
7-11 Apr 2019 (2 Seat Left),
12 May -16 May 2019,
9 Jun -13 Jun 2019
Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun (Rishikesh), Goa, Shimla, Chennai 5 Days $ 1,740
18 Mar -22 Mar 2019,
1 Apr -5 Apr 2019,
8 Apr -12 Apr 2019,
15 Apr -19 Apr 2019,
6 May -10 May 2019,
13 May -17 May 2019,
3 Jun -7 Jun 2019
Fly-Me-a-Trainer Client's Location5 Days On Request As per mutual convenience
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Course Prerequisites

This course is suited for people with statistical background and also analytical background and for programmers.

Programming with R Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Learn to Install RStudio and work on R interface
  • Learn the basics of R programming including objects, classes, vectors, attributes etc.
  • Write functions including generic functions using various methods and loops
  • Install various packages and work effectively in the R environment
  • Select and modify values as required
  • Learn to use Vectorized Coding and Use Cases
  • Cover the concepts of R Notation, S3 System and Closures
  • Become proficient in writing a fundamental program and perform analytics with R

Give an edge to your career with Other Technologies certification training courses. Students can join the classes for R programming training Course at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.

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What is R technology?

R is a programming language and an open source program for performing statistical operations and generating graphics. It is currently developed by the R Development Core Team and supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. This language is popular among statisticians and data miners and widely used to develop statistical software and perform data analysis.

What does R stand for?

The R name represents the first letters of the names of its two R authors - Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, and partly a play on the name of the Bell Labs Language S.

What is R programming used for?

  • R is used for a variety of statistical tests such as:
    • Correlation analysis
    • Chi-square test
    • Analysis of variance
    • Wilcoxon test
    • Student’s t-test
  • It is also used for performing classification analysis such as:
    • Principal component analysis
    • Clustering
  • Use of R is also found in drawing many types of graphs such as box plot, histogram, density curve, scatter plot, line plot and bar plot, among others.

What is the difference between R and Python?

The key differences have been mentioned below:

  • The objective of R programming is data analysis and statistics while Python is used for deployment and production.
  • The primary users of R are primarily scholars, and people associated with research and development while Python is popular among programmers and developers.
  • R is often seen as a difficult language whereas Python is relatively linear, smooth and easy to learn.
  • R runs locally while Python is well integrated within application.
  • R provides easy to use libraries while Python doesn’t have as many libraries as R.

Is R or Python better for Machine Learning?

When it comes to Machine Learning, both Python and R are suitable and have their own sets of advantages. Owing to the extensive availability of packages, the majority of the tasks can be performed with both the languages. Python is sure to perform better in data manipulation and repetitive tasks, however, one must choose to pick R if one needs to develop a tool for ad-hoc analysis and dataset exploration.

What are the data types in R?

The various data types in R are mentioned below.

  • Character
  • Numeric
  • Integer
  • Logical
  • Complex

Is R Object Oriented?

R does support object oriented programming which helps in managing complexity in larger programs. The two systems that support object oriented programming in R are S3 and S4.

What are Packages in R?

Packages in R refer to the collection of R functions, data, documentation, tests and compiled code in a well-defined format which is easy to share with others. The directory where Packages are stored is called Library.

What is an R object?

An R object is a collection of data along with some methods designed exclusively to work on that data.

What is a class in R?

Everything in R is an object. A class is a blueprint or the design of an object. Thus, programming is based on classes.

Is R a general purpose programming language?

R is not seen as a general purpose programming language because its features focus specifically on statistical computing and data analysis.

What is R course?

The R course teaches how to program in R and use it for efficient data analysis. The course also includes topics such as:

  • How to install and configure software for a statistical programming environment
  • Generic programming language
  • Practical issues in statistical computing

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