Oracle Solaris 11 Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting

Oracle Solaris 11 Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting Certification Training Course Overview

The Oracle, Solaris 11 Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting course are planned to teach intermediate-level system administrators how to troubleshoot problems. With extensive hands-on labs taught on SPARC hardware, this course provides system administrators the in-depth experience they require to quickly and expertly troubleshoot a wide-scope of system errors.


  • Technical Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant

Oracle Solaris 11 Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Analyzing System Failures and Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Overview of Oracle Solaris System Fault Types
  • Using Assumptive Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Mitigate the impact of system faults
Module 2: Utilizing Useful Troubleshooting Tools in Oracle Solaris 11
  • Hardware Components
  • Method for troubleshooting hardware faults
  • Server Processor (SP)
  • OpenBoot PROM
  • Hardware Diagnostics
Module 3: Troubleshooting Solaris Startup Faults
  • Oracle Solaris OS Startup
  • Troubleshooting the System for Booting Problems
  • Service Management Facility (SMF)
Module 4: Troubleshooting Image Packaging System (IPS) Problems
  • Reviewing IPS Features and Functionality
  • Checking the Basics
  • Installing and Updating Packages
  • Fixing Package Problems
Module 5: Troubleshooting Automated Installer (AI) Problems
  • Reviewing AI Features and Functionality
  • Troubleshooting Client Installation Failures
  • Manually Installing After Booting
Module 6: Troubleshooting Problems with Zones
  • Reviewing Zones Features and Functionality
  • Checking the Basics
  • Using Zones-related SMF Services
  • Monitoring Non-Global Zones
  • Fixing IPS Problems with Non-Global Zones
Module 7: Troubleshooting Physical and Virtual Network Problems
  • Reviewing Physical and Virtual Network Features and Functionality
  • Checking the Basics
  • Observing the Network
Module 8: Troubleshooting Workshop
  • Reviewing the Requirements for the Troubleshooting Workshop
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Course Prerequisites
  • Intermediate-level system administration skills in Oracle Solaris 11.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Troubleshoot issues with booting a SPARC-based system
  • Troubleshoot Image Packaging System (IPS) issues
  • Troubleshoot problems with zones
  • Troubleshoot physical and virtual network issues
  • Use various troubleshooting techniques and tools to analyze and resolve system faults
  • Troubleshoot issues using the System Management Facility (SMF)

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